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So excited about my new workshops!

Picture of apples and a measuring tape just to highlight that the workshops are about gaining emotional freedom from dieting, aka being relaxed around food while still caring for and nourishing your body

I know, it's been a LONG time since I last wrote a blog; I'm actually quite shocked! But I haven't been lazy. Firstly, yes, I got married to my lovely partner of 8/9 years and what a beautiful experience it was....hence the name change.

So in the year that has passed what have you been up to?

I've been busy doing my many therapies with my lovely clients, lots of training in my beloved EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, swapping with my tapping partners to clear my own stuff (unhelpful beliefs and behaviours) so that means I can help you better, decorating the house (well, we're on the 3rd room now) and my favourite two things this year......creating the wedding of my dreams, in a local wood ....and finally getting out of my own way, to bring you a series of 6 transformational workshops that are designed to help you clear emotional eating.

What's emotional eating? well, basically if you eat when you are not hungry, or use food to soothe your emotions (or stuff them down) and then feel guilty, shameful, or out of control about and around food, then there is a very good chance that you are an emotional eater.

Don't feel bad, please.

You are not alone, there is ALOT of us! I'm in the process of writing an article about it, which I will post on my website (, but rest assured (or perhaps not) that according to MIND and BEAT, in the UK nearly 12 million people struggle with compulsive eating to some extent.

As this is an area I have really struggled with for nigh on all my adult life, and I feel I'm coming out the other side, I felt it was time to put the work together to help you.

Perhaps you can resonate with this: I felt fed up, desperate for another way, struggled to stick to diets and even when I did I didn't lose an ounce, I felt I didn't know what foods were ok for me and which were a disaster, I exercised 3-4 times a week in tough classes, have done the London Moonwalk 3 times and none of this made a difference. I'd berate myself for eating the 'wrong' thing, I questioned my ability to look after myself with food, wished someone would come in and take over so that I wouldn't have to think about food anymore, my weight increased after my divorce and I was so stressed looking after my boys, my full time job, the house and me etc etc etc. It was overwhelming! And I looked for a resolution for a long time.

Then I found EFT and Matrix (Reimprinting)! And what a shift! Slowly, I have cleared the behaviours and (many of the)beliefs, understood why I was behaving/feeling like that and am on a much more loving accepting journey with myself.

(BTW, the unhelpful behaviour is a strategy that your body has come up with, in the past, that helped you feel better, but it doesn't work for you anymore, so we need to make sure you feel safe to release it)

Point to ponder: ...... how can you expect your body to do what you want when you disrespect it with your thoughts (i'm so fat/I'm such a pig etc etc) and with your behaviours. Once you start to love yourself (not in an egotistical way), accept yourself and care for yourself, you find that your body responds in kind and you actually start to have beautiful relationship with yourself.

That's the purpose of these workshops. Over 6 weeks (in 2 hr sessions) we'll look at many areas that once they are dealt with, will allow you to have freedom around food and yourself.

If you want more info about the very practical, supportive workshops have a look at my website, under the workshop tab you will see information about The Emotional Freedom from Dieting workshops which start on 19th October. I'd love to hear from you.


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