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Keep getting in your own way?

"I know what helps me, I know what I SHOULD be doing. But I can't seem to do it"

Feel familiar?

I hear this a lot. A LOT

And I want to tell that it's normal. It's normal when we're faced with situations or feelings that are uncomfortable and usually prolonged too.

Why is this?

Because you're not in your most resourceful state. Heightened and stressful times = limbic system switching on, which overrides your resourceful self. Basically it comes from the fight/flight/freeze response.

And because it's prolonged, it's likely to be the freeze response.

This is a SURVIVAL state.

Your energy and connection to yourself feels low. Your emotions feel heightened and you don't know where to go with it.

This is not a time when self care is easily accessible. It is a time where you fight to find any aspect of your normal and relaxed self.

You may try to do that meditation, but you can't focus. You could go for a walk, but that would mean going outside. You could take a bath, but you're too twitchy, impatient or lethargic to bother.

This is the time to reach out and ask for support, for you.

So that you can navigate back to yourself, above the weight of it all, where the Light feels easily to perceive. Where meditation and yoga feel sublime (again), where walks feel freeing and bathing feels luxurious. Where taking care of yourself is a priority and completely doable.

We are not meant to do everything alone. In fact many things are meant to get done in connection and community, even a community of 2.

So if you're feeling this stuck, please reach out for help, don't tackle it alone. But as a quick first step; use my silent tapping meditation to help relax your mind and body. You can find it here.

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