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Stuck in procrastination or limitation?

Fear of judgement can keep us stuck or limit what we're prepared to share with the world, even though at a deep level we know there's more we are here to offer.

I know this feeling 1st hand, especially as a small business owner, and I'm sure you're likely to too.

But not doing the thing that's the spark inside us means we live half a life. Think about that for a moment or two.

What does it bring up in you?


Instead of focusing on the fear, focus on what it would feel like if you got to the end of your life and you hadn't shared /done/ been that thing.

How does that feel?

Not great huh?

Now use that feeling to move you through that uncomfortable growth phase. Let it help you find your courage and be your full potential.

Growth feels scary because it's new, and so it's unfamiliar. As adults, the subconscious mind no longer experiences new as wholly exciting (remember as a kid new was exciting?), instead we wonder what it will be needed from us, what will have to change, will it hurt anyone.

We wonder can I do, do I know enough, and so on and so on.

This is all part of growth. Think back a year or 5 years ago and see how much you have changed. What felt tricky then, you know how to handle now (possibly with ease). Your confidence has grown in that area.

Where you are now is just a new expansion and soon enough you will have got through it, learned stuff and be feeling accomplished.

Celebrate this!!

If you feel stuck still...get in don't have to get through it alone.

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