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This page is a collection of mostly free resources, created by me, for you to use to help yourself.  It is a page that will expand gently, but if there is something specific that you are looking for, please email me:

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For other interesting information and/or resources by other professionals, such as Donna Eden (Energy Medicine), Dr Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief), Yvette Taylor (Creator of EAM) please click here.

Are you a Frontline health and emergency care worker?  For FREE one-to-one emotional support please go to:  I volunteer for this support work and have seen first hand how stressed and overwhelmed frontline health workers are.  The techniques we use are quick and very effective.  Please let us help support you, so that you can continue to support and care for others. 

Do not listen to meditations or hypnosis recordings while driving a car or operating heavy machinery.

Ensure you are able to relax and switch off for the duration of the meditation. 



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Tapping Scripts

Tap along on each point, always adjust the wording to reflect how you are feeling


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Soothing Meditation

This mediation is in response to all the uncomfortable feelings that people have expressed to me; many say that they feel scrambled and can't think straight, so this meditation is to help you find your inner peace and calm. 


Meditation for Cleansing

When you begin to play this meditation, you will realise it is a 'homemade' meditation.  In time I am sure it will get removed and updated with clearer sound, but for now, hopefully you will find it of benefit.


This meditation was originally created for my best friend while she was undergoing chemotherapy, perhaps you know someone in a similar situation and would like to pass it on.