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Email me: claire@yoursoulenergy.uk

Mobile: 07979381721

Based in Halstead, Essex, UK

Works in person or via Zoom or Skype

Disclaimer:  Please note, that no diagnosis will be given and you are responsible for your own mental and physical health and you should contact your GP if a medical problem arises.  All information on this website is used at your own risk and no liability will be accepted by anyone using this website.


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Free Resources

This page is a collection of free resources, created by me, for you to use to help yourself.  It is a page that will expand gently, but if there is something specific that you are looking for, please email me: claire@yoursoulenergy.uk

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For other interesting information and/or resources by other professionals, such as Donna Eden (Energy Medicine), Dr Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief), Yvette Taylor (Creator of EAM) please click here.

Meditation for Cleansing

When you begin to play this meditation, you will realise it is a 'homemade' meditation.  In time I am sure it will get removed and updated with clearer sound, but for now, hopefully you will find it of benefit.


This meditation was originally created for my best friend while she was undergoing chemotherapy, perhaps you know someone in a similar situation and would like to pass it on. 

Meditation for Cleansing - Claire Williams
00:00 / 00:00

Do not listen to this while driving a car or operating heavy machinery. Ensure you are able to relax and switch off for the duration of the meditation. 

Technique to help calm and relax you QUICKLY
A very simple, very quick energy technique to relax you.  By stroking the Triple Warmer meridian, we allow it to relax and reset what it thinks is necessary for survival (the triple warmer is responsible for keeping us alive- at any cost!), so if you are stressed, ill, tired, eating to hide emotions/feelings etc etc, this technique will help you.  Do it as many times a day as you like.  It's great for all ages. and what's even better is, it only takes a minute! 
This technique is one of Donna Eden's (Energy Medicine) beautiful techniques. 
Soothing the mind and body by stroking the TW Meridian
How to Tap
This video shows you the basics of how to tap.
This does not replace working with a practitioner or seeking help for your emotional well being.
How EFT works
Why is EFT such a valuable self help tool?  This video gives a short and simple explanation.
Tapping for Exam Stress
Feeling overwhelmed about your exams.  Tap along with this video to help release that overwhelm and panic and allow your thinking brain (where all that revision is) to come back online!
If you wish to work with me to clear your specific issues and create feelings of calm and empowerment, then please get in touch.  I offer a special discounted rate for students. 
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There's even more free resources below

The Sway
It's a kinesiology technique which helps you communicate with your body to get yes or no answers.

A very simple technique that once you've practised a little in private you can use anywhere.

Use it to check what's most supportive for your body/ your energy. 

Please excuse the little yellowy/green lights bouncing off my glasses!

Tapping Scripts

For those who need a little help with tapping 

How to Tap  leaflet

This leaflet is a quick guide to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that you can print off and carry with you to help you tap when you need to. Remember to ALWAYS state how you truly feel and to do 2/3 rounds minimum. 

Tapping Script for releasing pain

This script was originally created for a client suffering with fibromyalgia. Please feel free to adjust the wording to suit your needs 

Tapping Script for food craving

This script is a general script to help get you started on disconnecting food from emotion.  In order to get the best from it please feel free to adjust the wording to suit your needs - the closer to your own feelings and thoughts the better the results.

Please also be aware that food issues are a multi faceted problem - and very rarely about the actual food itself, but more about what we make it mean - which takes time and patience to clear.  I would recommend that you work with a practitioner to get the best results for you. Above all else practice mindful self care.

Tapping Script for releasing the need to weigh yourself daily ( or hourly)

This script was originally created for a client, as she was struggling to allow herself to see the scales only once per week. There are many aspects of weighing yourself that can be unhelpful, often harmful, so this is a script to help you achieve that goal. Please note it is a common issue, and as always, please feel free to adjust the wording to suit your needs, your situation.