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How is this approach different?

It's very likely that you have already tried other approaches to deal with how you feel inside (and about yourself). Perhaps you may now be wondering about my approach; what makes this different or effective?


When the inner light has dimmed it's not usually fixable with diet/ lifestyle changes or with yoga or journaling alone.


You see, in our mid-life (40s/50s), there comes a 'calling' if you will.  A crying out for a radical inner shift.  A shift that makes us acknowledge, care for, and release all the old hurts from the challenging experiences of our lifetimes, limitations around what we think we are capable of and what we can offer the world.

But this isn't just an emotional and mental 'de-cluttering'. 

It's also an energetic one; one that asks us to reconnect with our spirit; our soul, our radiance.

To do this we need to 'rest into' 4 principles:

Principle 1:  Compassionate connection - uncomfortable feelings leave you not wanting to be with yourself and feeling isolated, and that sense of separation will keeps you stuck.

When you connect with compassion, you can learn to be with yourself, accept how you feel, this is made easier if you have compassionate, non judgemental guidance as you do this work.

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Principle 2:  Safe exploration - it's so important to create a sense of safety within and around you, even just for a few minutes at a time,  enabling you to be with your body, your thoughts, your feelings; therefore connecting more deeply to you and creating a capacity of care for yourself.

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Principle 3:  Acceptance and release - by accepting the pain, the discord or conflict as it is for you, in the moment, you allow the transformation of it into something else. If you keep pushing it away, it will linger and build.

Once your feelings about the situation (as it actually is) have been accepted, you are then free to begin to shed what’s weighed you down; the old emotions, the blocks to the life that you long for, the sabotaging habits; including the energy that keeps you going back down the well-worn path and keeps you separate from your Lightness of being.

This is the part that many approaches do not mention, let alone incorporate.

You will then have the space and freedom to access the real you.

It’s like the clouds have cleared and the sun is shining and you can see yourself again; you are connected.

acceptance and release, freedom, life is joy again, pazzaz, happy, delighted, nourished, shining bright, flying free

Principle 4:  Resourced realignment - reconnecting to the wisdom and gifts within the previously difficult feelings and moments, and with Source energy, fills hearts and energy systems with vibrant, health giving energy.


Your awareness of all that you are expands and changes your relationship with yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.  You are likely to connect with your soul purpose.

resourced alignment, Source energy, soul purpose, soul alignement, healing, energy healing, feeling great, feeling joy, feeling happy, shining brightly

When we incorporate energy work with emotional and mental well-being work, we can create huge transformations within ourselves.  But alone we can get a little bogged down/ lost, because stuck feelings are big and often intense. 


The healing journey is a tender journey, (and not an over night one) with a need for care and safety and the right support along the way.  If you trust me to be your guide, your natural state will re-assert itself; feeling at ease within your body, feeling optimistic, and sometimes even inspired along the way, because transformation brings many highs of discovery, understanding and lightness.  These are the gifts!

But right now you are probably still in need of some gentle soothing, yes?   Click here to receive an effective and simple tapping meditation to begin your healing journey.

Interested in knowing how you and I might work together? Want to know more, click here for info on what support packages there are.

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