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How is this approach different?

You may have tried other ways of tackling how you feel and may be wondering what makes this any different or effective.


Firstly I work with your feelings, your thoughts, your body and your energy.

With this in mind, I guide and support people through the difficulties, the blocks to their emotional wellbeing, towards a place of ease, connection and happiness, because using the four principles below:

1.  Compassionate connection- uncomfortable feelings leave you not wanting to be with yourself and feeling     isolated. By connecting to compassion you can be with yourself, accept how you are at this time and each time,   while knowing that you are not alone as you do this work.

2.  Safe exploration- creating a sense of safety within and around you, enabling you to be with your body, your     thoughts, your feelings and your energy. Connecting more deeply to you.

3.  Acceptance and release- by accepting the pain, the discord or conflict as it is for you in the moment, you   allow the transformation of it into something else, you are then free to begin to shed what’s weighed you down,   ready to gradually let it all go; the unhelpful patterns, the old emotions, the blocks to the life that you long for,   so that you have the space and freedom to access the real you. It’s like the clouds have cleared and the sun is   shining; you can see yourself again.

4.  Resourced realignment- bringing positive energy to boost you as you build trust and confidence in who you   are, allowing you to connect to the deep truth within you, creating a lasting sensation of safety, giving genuine   heart-connection to your expression and communication and allowing yourself to enjoy the happiness, to   receive the love and to know who you really are.

Although this work is at its heart, deep and tender, you may be surprised to find yourself laughing, feeling easy in your body and feeling optimistic and inspired along the way.

Interested? Click here to receive a soothing meditation to begin your journey, with some tips and techniques to support you. 

Want to know more, click here for info on what support packages there are.

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