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Do any of these feelings or situations seem familiar?

You may be wondering if this is the right place for you. And that's OK; we all take time to decide what feels right for us. Illustrated below are snapshots of the internal lives of some of my clients experienced before they came to see me. Do they cause a sense of recognition within you?

Alone,  standing in front of the open kitchen cupboard, feeling stuffed, sick and miserable. Empty chocolate wrappers litter the worktop. You know you're full, that you've had enough, should walk away, but there's a restlessness inside. It feels impossible to stop.

You know you live a blessed life, and you have lots you 'should' feel thankful for, you can’t seem to allow yourself to just relax into it and receive all that’s on offer for you; instead you’re pushing it away and distancing yourself from it and your family. You worry that you’ll lose it all if you don’t change.

Yesterday was a bad day, you reflect as you brush your teeth. You know the things to do (and not do) to help you feel better, brighter and healthier, but it seems impossible right now to do them for yourself. You wish you had a magic wand to fix yourself. You can already feel the will power slipping through your fingers.

You're herding the kids to the car, carrying work bag, keys, their lunch boxes, mentally listing all that needs to get done today.  You feel the panic and overwhelm rising and quickly swallow it down, telling yourself to 'just get on with it' but feeling a total lack of capacity within you.

You’re getting dressed, hoping it’s going to be an OK sort of a day.  You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you find yourself thinking how there's so much wrong with you and you list all the things you need to change about yourself. Your anxiety builds up, your heart feels heavy and not for the first time, you wonder what the point of it all is, how will it ever get better?

You're heading out of the door to the gym, feeling great; energised and motivated.  Your mobile rings and it's your mum.  Your heart sinks and you're telling yourself not to answer it and you notice that the pain in your back has started up again.

Your feels heart tender and hurt.  Your partner just said something and it really hit home. You can almost sense your inner child's pain and need for comfort.  You wrap your arms around yourself and gently rock, trying to soothe yourself, thinking about other times that you felt this; realising that there's heaps of pain inside. 

You’re out with good friends, enjoying a catch up; there are lots of laughter and it feels so good to be with these people. You feel able to share the thoughts and feelings that you’ve been having since your partner died.  But now your friends are not laughing anymore, in fact it’s almost silent and most are looking down or away from you.  The mood has changed; it feels so awkward and uncomfortable, you feel lost and let down. It’s like what you’ve said was wrong in some way and now you’re feeling vulnerable and alone in it.

Strike any cords?

Bring tears of recognition perhaps?

it’s most likely been really difficult and I want you to know that my heart is with you and that there is a way forward


Yes that's me.png

There are particular types of people get the most out of how I work:

  • Women who have a sense of responsibility

  • Women who are willing to be honest with themselves and with me

  • Women who have a sense of humour (even if you feel like you’ve lost it right now)

  • Women who have a belief (however intangible) in something greater than themselves

 I have confidence that I can help you if your values are similar to my most successful clients

  • Openness and curiosity

  • Care and compassion

  • Willing to learn something new

  • Committed to change

  • A belief that life can be better

Does this (mostly) fit with you? 

If you'd like some gentle help right now, please click here to access a meditative breathing practice incorporating a simple and effective energy practice, that will begin to help calm your body, soothe the difficult feelings and thoughts that you currently experience, and help you experience relaxation, calm and a sense of space.


Can my approach really help you?


Click here to find out what will help you to feel good again, with or without my support.

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