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Feel familiar?

You may be wondering if this is the right place for you. And that's OK; we all take time to decide what feels right for us.

Described below are snapshots of the internal lives that some of my clients experienced before they came to see me.  Do they cause a sense of recognition within you?

As you head out of the door to the gym, feeling great—energized and motivated—your mobile rings, and you see it's your mum calling. Your heart sinks; a wave of apprehension washing over you. Part of you wants to ignore the call, and maintain the positive vibe you've got going on. But another part knows you can't avoid it forever. As you debate whether to answer, you notice the familiar ache in your back starting up again; a physical manifestation of the stress and tension building within you.

As you herd the kids to the car, laden with bags and keys, your mind races with the day's tasks. Panic and overwhelm threaten to engulf you, but you swallow them down, telling yourself to soldier on. Yet, deep down, you feel the weight of exhaustion and a desperate need for everything to just stand still until you feel in control again.

Despite every fiber of your being screaming 'no,' you still end up agreeing to take on more work. It's so frustrating to constantly put others' needs before your own, and you long to learn to say no without feeling guilty. Deep down, you know it's time to prioritize your own well-being and set boundaries, but the fear of disappointing others holds you back.

Alone in the silent kitchen, staring at the open cupboard, feeling stuffed and miserable Chocolate wrappers litter the counter. Despite knowing it's enough, there's a restless urge to reach for more.

Anxiety stirs within as you get dressed, tightening your chest. You feel the weight of another day beginning, a heaviness settling in your heart. Catching your reflection, the onslaught of self-criticism begins, each physical imperfection magnified—the flaws and wrongness of you and your body. This relentless self-judgment burdens you, as if there's an endless list of things to change, both inside and out. It's hard not to question the point of it all, and whether things will ever improve.

You set the magazine down with a frustrated huff, almost growling at the cover featuring yet another fad diet. The relentless cycle of being told what you 'should' do to achieve the 'perfect' body feels suffocating. But doubt gnaws at you, a nagging fear that perhaps you're missing something—that maybe the answers really do lie within those glossy pages. It's easier to believe that you're just not good at sticking with things, rather than trusting your own instincts and intuition. Yet, somewhere deep inside, there's a whisper of 'something' that maybe, just maybe, there's a different path—a path that allows you to reclaim your power and reconnect with your body's innate wisdom.

You know your life is filled with blessings, and that you should feel grateful. Yet, you find yourself unable to fully embrace it, feeling disconnected and unsettled. Despite your efforts, you can't seem to relax into the abundance or connect with your family. There's a restlessness within you, a longing for something more, but you're not sure what it is or how to find it.

Surrounded by the warmth of laughter and cherished friends, you find the strength to share the heavy burden on your heart since your partner's passing. But as the laughter fades, replaced by an uneasy silence, you sense a shift in the air. Eyes glance away, conversations falter, and a heavy tension settles in. Your chest tightens, a lump forms in your throat, and a wave of discomfort washes over you. It's as if your vulnerability has cast a shadow over the gathering, leaving you feeling exposed and alone in your grief. The silence speaks volumes, a stark reminder of the distance that now separates you from those you thought understood.

Do you identify with aspects of the stories above?


It’s most likely been a really messy and uncomfortable place to be. 


I want you to know that my heart is with you and that there is a way forward


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There are particular types of people get the most out of how I work:

  • Women in their 40s/50s

  • Open to spirituality

 I have confidence that I can help you, if your values are similar to my most successful clients

  • you appreciate the importance of self awareness

  • you value honest and meaningful connection

  • you have a sense of self responsibility

Does this (mostly) fit with you? 

If you'd like some gentle help right now, please click here to access a meditative breathing practice incorporating a simple and effective energy practice, that will begin to help calm your body, soothe the difficult feelings and thoughts that you currently experience, and help you experience relaxation, calm and a sense of space.


Can my approach really help you?


Click here to find out what will help you to feel good again, with or without my support.

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