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Do any of these feelings or situations seem familiar to you?

You may be wondering if this is the right place for you.  Below are snippets of the types of situations that some of my clients experienced before they came to see me. Do they resonate with you: 

  • You’ve got a few close friends coming for dinner tonight and you’re cooking that deceptively simple dish that everyone loves. You were excited about it, but as the dinner has got closer you’re struggling with mounting anxiety. You tell yourself not to be silly and that you’ll “have a wonderful time”, yet you still feel nauseas and fearful about it.  You don’t know how you’re going to get through it.


  • You feel low, tired and teary. You trying to keep going through the day but even meditation hasn’t helped.  You feel totally off kilter and are worrying that there’s something seriously wrong with you.


  • You know you live a blessed life, but you notice that you keep getting in your own way and that you can’t seem to allow yourself to just relax into it and receive all that’s on offer for you; instead you’re pushing it away and distancing yourself from it and your family. You worry that you’ll lose it all if you don’t change.


  • You’ve showered and you’re getting dressed, hoping it’s going to be an OK sort of a day.  Then you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you find yourself thinking how no one likes you, accusing yourself of being a waste of space; listing all the negatives. Your anxiety builds up, feet feel like lead and not for the first time, you wonder what the point of it all is.


  • You’re out with good friends, enjoying a long overdue catch up; there are lots of laughter and it feels so good to be with these people. You feel able to share the thoughts and feelings that you’ve been having since your partner died.  But now your friends are not laughing anymore, in fact it’s almost silent and most are looking down or away from you.  The mood has changed; it feels so awkward and uncomfortable, you feel lost and let down. It’s like what you’ve said was wrong in some way and now you’re feeling vulnerable and alone in it.  


  • You’re at a party with your girlfriend feeling really relaxed, happy and confident. Your girlfriend goes to get some food for you both, while she’s at the table you notice some guy talking to her and giving her the eye and she’s laughing with him.  Instantly you feel hurt and uncomfortable, you’re shrinking inward in some way, feeling insecure and you’re upset that she’s laughing with someone else.  You notice that you feel jealous, angry, hurt and you wonder if she really loves you. 


  • You’re having a lazy Sunday, you’ve noticed that your eldest is still not her usual self; she’s subdued, listless and down on herself.  You’ve heard her crying and have tried talking to her, but she just says she’s ok in a sad sort of way.  It’s upsetting to see her like this, you know she’s had a very tricky time just recently, and you’re worried about her.

  • You’ve just got off the phone with your mum and that old pain is back. Before the phone rang you’d been on your way to yoga, feeling great. Interesting how you’re in pain again, for no ‘real’ reason.

If any of these resonate with you, it’s most likely been really difficult and I want you to know that my heart is with you and that there is hope.  There are particular types of people get the most out of how I work:

  • People with some self awareness

  • People who have a sense of responsibility

  • People who have a sense of humour (even if you feel like you’ve lost it right now)

  • Women and men, teens to 80s

And if your values are similar to my most successful clients, then I have confidence that I can help you:

  • Openness and curiosity

  • Care and compassion

  • Willing to learn something new

  • A belief that life can be better

  • A belief in some sort of spirituality

Does this fit with you?  If you'd like some gentle help now, please click  here  to access a meditative breathing practice that will begin to help calm your body, soothe the difficult feelings you are currently experiencing and help you to feel safe.

Can my approach really help you? Click here to find out what will help you feel good again.

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