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About Claire


I am a Reiki Master Teacher and am qualified in numerous healing modalities that work with the subconscious mind to make lasting emotional and behavioural change: 

  • Advanced Practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Matrix Reimprinting 

  • Matrix Birth Reimprinting

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Kinetic Shift

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


I am also a Life Coach, am trained in Leading Meditation and in Energy healing modalities such as Quantum Touch (TM),  Angelic Reiki and Crystal Healing, ​plus many body based therapies such as Reflexology including Maternity and Fertility, Aromatherapy, Swedish massage and Indian head massage. 

Plus I studied A level Human Biology as an adult; just because I find it fascinating and inspiring. 


What all of this means, is that I bring quite a toolbox to each and every session, with each and every client, being able to support you and anything that you are feeling in a multitude of ways.


I have over 10 years of experience exploring (and sometimes playing with) energy; finding techniques that provide simple answers to what look like complex problems, for myself and my clients.  


I volunteered, for 2.5 years, at a local hospice, offering therapies to those with terminal illness and have worked long term with adults with learning difficulties.  These two fields of experience have allowed me to adapt how I work, finding the best ways to support clients with their needs, to learn to hold them with a compassionate and nurturing energy and to see them in their truth, as they taught me to always  show up in mine.


Since Aug 2020, I have been volunteering for UK based charity called FAST (Frontline Assistance for Stress and Trauma); working with NHS and Emergency Service workers traumatised by the effects of the pandemic, specifically using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

I have run well-being workshops for a Teachers union and also offered one-to-one support for those members. Additionally I have run a group meditation for a marketing department of a care home group.  


I have given talks and run workshops at Mind, Body & Soul events, allowing me to share my knowledge with others, in a fun and accessible way.

I have created courses of my own too; helping to spread understanding of the connection between mind, body and energy.

Most importantly I have 1000s of hours of experience helping clients release their pain (in whatever form it takes for them; emotional, mental, physical or spiritual) and move into alignment with themselves, starting to take care of themselves with awareness, love their lives again and feel like they are thriving. The transformations are beautiful and I feel honoured to play a part in them. 

My passion

I have an enthusiasm for understanding and experiencing how the body and it’s energy systems, with all the emotions and mental patterns it carries, speak to us; how it shows us what’s not working for us anymore, how developmental trauma may have impacted our ability to be who we are, how the nervous system impacts our connections with each other. 

The body and its energy field, hold so much information, patterning and behaviours within it.  What we think, feel and believe affects how we are in the world;

  • how safe we feel 

  • how much of our true selves we are willing to show, even in our intimate relationships

  • limits how much love we’ll allow ourselves to receive or to give. 

It’s hard to live in such a limited way; it hurts, though often we’re not really aware of how much, because as ‘thinking’ humans, we can struggle to hear the messages of the body and stay in our heads. This I know from my own experience.

I was a shy child, the world seemed quite scary to me and for much of my life I had a sense that there was something wrong with me, that I was different (not in a good way) and that was uncomfortable for me. 

I have been told, frequently, that I am over-sensitive.

I have struggled to find my voice and to show who I am. I hid myself away and presented only the mask that  I thought they wanted to see.

When we do particular things or be a certain way because that’s what we feel is acceptable or expected; we are hiding ourselves; people pleasing.

And what we hide, is the light within, our uniqueness, the bit that others connect to, wants to be around or is inspired by.

If we allow ourselves to be accepted, we open up the possibility of others allowing themselves to be seen in their truth, being themselves and we all begin to accept each other for who we are; building a community of uniqueness through love, compassion and acceptance.

It's my passion to share this information!

If you feel limited in some way, if you are in pain, if you’re sabotaging yourself, or if people tell you that you’re too sensitive, let me help you get to know the real you, learn to love yourself completely, trust and take care of yourself, then you’ll not only understand what’s REALLY going on for you, but you’ll find there’s a much happier ‘you’ waiting on the other side.


I know this; I’ve reached that place myself and have helped many clients find their aligned-happy-selves too.

Staying true to myself & what I do for fun

I have my own regular spiritual, energy and embodiment practices. They help me to stay connected to something Greater than myself, keeping me replenished within my heart and my energy.  They also help keep me aware of my body’s messages; I practice what I teach. I work regularly with my own support network continuing to clear any emotional / mental issues that come up, which also enables me to have additional experience to utilise in my work with clients. 

Outside of my work, I love to soothe my body with yoga and walking, and my mind by being with my plant ‘babies’ in the garden. I love pottering about with them; joyful at each new flower and congratulating them on their beautiful foliage, just breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the cloud shapes and colours in the sky, of which I have many pictures, see 1 below! 


My current home project (there’s always a project!) is landscaping my garden, creating a space for nature, entertaining, growing veggies and to celebrate Mother Earth; hard work but gratifying!

I’m also releasing an old story that I had about not being creative and am learning how to paint, in watercolours and acrylics; I want to paint beautiful light-filled skies and radiant, illuminating Angels. I’m not there yet, but I am thoroughly loving the process!


I still love to study and read because I want to understand more broadly and more deeply; moving into expansion and relaxation; so much fun.

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