Energy Clearing Meditations

In October 2020 I was moved/guided to shift the live monthly meditation calls towards a clearing/healing meditation with a difference.  This was to help shift feelings/beliefs/ideas that held us back in some way, not just in our current life, but our childhood, our ancestral timelines and also from our past lives.  It feels that we are at a unique juncture energetically and it seems quicker and easier than before to release all that isn't serving us. 

Why is this important for you?

When you feel and believe something to be true it is active in your energy and affects you on every level. For instance if  you feel unloved, you will behave in a way that seeks attention or shuns it in case of rejection or a myriad other ways.  Yet when you feel loved, you feel secure in yourself and are able to be present to those around you, you present yourself in an open loving way, energetically speaking.  You are also able to go about your calling/purpose from a grounded  and centered way.


If you feel there's "something wrong" with you it can hold you back from your potential on so many levels and it can blight your mental and emotional health. It'll impact the job you go for, the way you are in relationships, most particularly with yourself. When you feel whole and 'enough' just as you are, you release so much heaviness from your mind and also your physical self and it releases so many tied in feelings.  


Once you have shifted this heaviness you begin to reconnect to the Divine and, so importantly, to yourself as a whole, in light and with love and compassion and so much more.  There is much energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual healing available this way.  You'll find things don't bother you at a personal level as they did previously.  You'll begin to create good solid foundations and from there you will grow exponentially, truly loving who you are and then able to be that true self in all areas of your life, bringing your heart and authentic voice to the world. 

As these meditations grow in number they will be added here for purchase.  If you wish to join the meditations live, please go to the meditation circle page for more information. 

Energy Clearing Meditation 1

This meditation is a guided clearing meditation, aided by Angels and Light Beings.

It is created to enable you to heal the aspects of your self where you believe or have believed that you are unseen, unheard, helpless, unloved, separate or unsafe in some way.  We gather together all the parts of you that have felt this both in this life and in past lives, we also invite your ancestral aspects that have felt this too.  To finish you will reconnect to the Divine within and around you and feel the power, compassion and the love that is available to you at any and every moment.

The meditation lasts 1 hour 8 minutes and does not have music; please play your own alongside if you feel it beneficial.  Ensure you have a blanket and a glass of water to hand.

Energy Clearing Meditation 2

This meditation is a guided clearing meditation, aided by Angels and Light Beings, aimed at healing and clearing all aspect's/ECHOs of your younger self in this current life and past lives, as well as your ancestral timeline.  The theme for this one is around rejection and not feeling enough. 

The meditation lasts 1 hour.  Ensure you have a blanket and a glass of water to hand.

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