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Aura Sprays

Aromatherapy-Based and Energy-Infused Aura Sprays


Each gorgeously scented aura mist spray begins with an essential oil or a blend of essential oils in order to 'perform' a certain task. The aim is usually to help soothe and balance your whole self; body, mind and energy, whilst you enjoy and relax with the gentle scent. Each blend is chosen with harmony of scent and therapeutic properties in mind.


Essential Oils

It has been established for some years that essential oils, because of their chemical constituents are able to effect the body, emotions and nervous system in certain ways. I deliberately chose certain oils for those very effects; their therapeutic properties.  


Energy? What's that?

At a fundamental level we are energy, just like everything else around us. And just like everything else we vibrate at a particular frequency.  This can fluctuate depending on how we feel/ what we are thinking and our overall health. 


We are also affected to a greater or lesser extent by vibrations/ frequencies around us. Think of how arguing with a spouse can make you feel, or laughing with your favourite people, or a peaceful walk along the surf with a gentle breeze.  All of these would affect how you feel and therefore the vibrational frequency that you resonate at. 

Sometimes we need help to shift to a 'vibe' that we want to feel, because we are stuck in a not-so-good place.  This is how my aura mist sprays were first inspired; to help one of my young family members who struggled with anxiety. So I made a blend up; first in a rollerball bottle that allowed direct application to the skin.  This helped them so much.  I then found that adults were asking for something similar and so I created it in a spray. 


The Aura Sprays are 'charged' with high vibrational 'technologies', some of which are natural, such as the energy of Reiki, the frequency of the Full Moon , Angelic Support and Crystals, whilst others created such as the high light-emitting frequency technology called TOLPAKAN TM 


All of this high vibrational energy, aka Light energy, is fundamentally able to shift how you feel within your energy space (your aura), but the essential oils bring an added dimension.  The therapeutic properties, along with the aromas help on a more body-consciousness level. 

To add more Light, a few quartz and rose quartz crystal chips are included. Then, all that's needed before use, is a good shake to distribute the oils and just spray 3 mist sprays above your head (or in a room or your car) to cleanse heavy energies or vibes (such as after an upset, when feeling below par or when you are struggling with something), breathe in and pause, be present.


You can chose an Aura Spray for a specific reason or go with what appeals to you. They will all lift your spirits.

And best of all, they all smell beautiful!

Here's a little video to show you what I do:

(please note, this is the old style packaging, refer to the top for actual labelling)

I always use them within my therapeutic programmes as well as my own spiritual practice and yoga.

To find out more information about any of the sprays, just click on the pink links below and you'll be taken to a page dedicated to that spray.

  • Reassuringly Calm; to soothe symptoms of anxiety and stress, helping your nervous system reset and you feel safe in your body again.

  • Divinely Connected; Particularly valuable for Yoga or Spiritual practice; keeping you grounded, clearing chakras and bringing alignment to your aura, making it really easy to connect with high frequency energies such as the Angelic Realm.  Great for spraying over your yoga mat, or using it in meditation or ritual.  

  • Goddess; helping to balance the hormones, alleviate depression and anxiety and remind you just how DIVINE you really are!

  • Gloriously Sensual; helping you to connect to the deep feminine nature with you, creating space for you to be present to yourself, to notice the sensations of your body and to touch into the freedom and sensuality within.  This blend helps you to feel luscious, beautiful and passionate, leading to the surrender into your true open, playful and loving essence.

  • Rose; to engender self love and compassion and help closed hearts open back up and heal from grief

  • Neroli; uplifting and soothing for the emotions, helps ease symptoms of depression.


To order, click here and it'll take you down to the order form.  Unless I have stock, I tend to make orders up fresh for you. 

All sprays are usually dispatched within 5 working days and can be posted out to addresses within the UK:

One spray= postage is an additional £3.95 

Two+ sprays = postage is an additional £4.95  

Orders over £50 = free delivery 

To order contact me using the form below and let me know what you would like to purchase and I will send you an invoice, usually within 24 hours. Your order will be processed once payment has been received. 

Please note that design of the labels has been changed to provide clarity, ease of identification and to reduce packaging.

Order Form

Thanks for getting in contact, I will get back to you ASAP

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