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Gloriously Sensual Aura Spray    100ml   £17

Helping you to connect to the deep feminine nature with you, creating space for you to be present to yourself, to notice the sensations of your body and to touch into the freedom and sensuality within, natural confidence resides here and your innate sexiness will reveal itself.  This blend helps you to feel luscious, beautiful and passionate, leading to the surrender into your true open, playful and loving essence.  Give yourself permission to be this version of you!

Age range: from approx. 18+ years old.


How to use:

Shake well and spray high overhead 3 times. This one is particularly lovely if you allow the spray to gentle settle on your bare skin; helps you feel your sexy self!

You can also use it in rooms, over your bed, etc. where ever you feel your space needs a little sensual lift.

Use as often as you wish.


About the blend:

The water is charged with Reiki and Angelic Reiki.  Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz infuse the water with their energy, along with the powerful vibrations of positive words, all while the Full Moon imparts her magic.  The water is then charged with TOLPAKAN TM energy.  Once the water is full of light, I add the feminine oils of Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Violet Leaf, Ylang Ylang and Rosewood oils essential oils and a few crystal chips.


Essential oils used & relevant properties:

Rose (rosa damascena)is the oil of love, creates a sense of self nurturing and self love.  It brings comfort and sweetness restoring that which makes love possible. It helps the chakras to open and offer connection.  It helps connection with sexual and spiritual relationships.  It acts as a gentle aphrodisiac. 

Jasmine (jasminium grandiflorum), another deeply feminine oil which has the personality of the passionate seductress, increases self confidence and ease within ones self, releases inhibitions and liberates the imagination. It allows the release and balance for the feminine and masculine energies and sexual energy. Uplifting and restorative. 

Sandalwood (santalum austrocaledonicum) quietens mental chatter which can inhibit the ability for one to inhabit the sensual body.  Creates a sense of serenity and ease, releasing stress, fear, enabling a spaciousness to settle within. 

Vanilla (vanilla oreoresin) has an exotic aroma which warms, calms and soothes.  It promotes relaxation and has is an aphrodisiac. 

Violet Leaf  (viola odorata) is another oil (as the ones above are) that is added to perfumes; it adds a sophistication to the blend.  It is relaxing and inspiring.

Ylang Ylang (cananga odorata) (inspires peace and relaxation, releases tension as it increases self confidence and libido, revealing the femininity within.  It is known for it's aphrodisiac properties.

Rosewood (aniba rosaedora) is a soothing and calming oil; it's deep woodiness helps one feel connected, grounded and sensual. 



Do not use if pregnant. Do not ingest.  Keep out of the reach of small children.

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