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Energy Basics for the Curious

This workshop is for those who are interested in energy, chakras and auras but don't really know much about it all. This is an introduction to 'all things energy' related; a fun, experiential workshop where you will learn techniques to ground and protect your energy, to help you connect with others.  We will play with colour and the infinity symbol and of course learn about chakras, auras and basics about the meridians.  You will be led through a meditation to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sun to finish.  A handbook is given for future reference.   

Duration: 2.5hrs     Price: £50     Dates: TBA     Venue: Zoom/ Halstead, Essex

Reiki I

Reiki I Shiki Ryoho is the first degree of the Usui healing system that enables you to channel healing for yourself and for your loved ones and/or pets. 

Many who become attuned are in the field of health/caring for others, such as therapists, masseuses, social workers, nurses and find that Reiki (level I and II) adds an extra depth to their work, even though at this level they are not using Reiki alone.

The self healing that you'll practice allows you to be a clearer vehicle for your work and the Reiki energy to flow into the spaces around you, almost as if the presence of Love is increased within and around you. 

Many find Reiki I activates an exciting path into self knowledge and compassion and on a journey that in turn helps them to help others. It's a beautiful gift!


 In this day long training you will learn about the aura, chakras, Reiki hand positions, meditation practices, grounding and protecting.

You will have an attunement to open you up to the energy and you will practice healing both on yourself and on your classmates so that you feel able to use it with confidence.   

A manual is given. 

Minimum 2 people, maximum 5.

Duration: 1 day (10am-4pm)     Price: £125     Dates: Saturday 22nd April 2023    Venue: Halstead, Essex

Reiki II

Reiki second degree training allows a greater channelling of Reiki energy.  During the day, you will get know and then be attuned to 3 Reiki symbols, which amplify the energy that you are able to channel.  You will then be able to bring Reiki energy into any space you are in and so bring healing to the people and places you are in, without even doing 'hands-on' healing; this is very helpful if you are in the care sector in any way; you will be more Light-filled and therefore more present and healing to be around.

You will also learn how to send distant/absent healing.  After this certified training, and once you are insured, you will be able to offer Reiki to the general public.   A manual is provided.  

Minimum 2 people, maximum 5.

Duration: 1 day (usually 10am-4pm)     Price £150     Dates: Fri 31st March 2023    Venue: Halstead, Essex

                                                                                                        Sat 24th June 2023

Reiki Master Practitioner

If you wish to progress to Master level (level III/Third Degree Reiki), I have separated this, as my Reiki Master did, into Master Practitioner and Master Teacher.  Not all who wish to be a Reiki Master wish to go on and teach it and attune others to it and so this gives the opportunity to use the next level of symbols without the responsibility of sharing the reiki message formally. However, if you feel the calling to teach and attune then both are available to you. It’s a very personal journey and you will know when it feels right to move onto the next level. This level of Reiki focuses on the healing and health of the spiritual aspect of ourselves.  A manual is provided. 

Minimum 2 people, maximum 5.

Duration: 1 day (usually 10am-4pm)     Price £175     Dates: TBA     Venue: Halstead, Essex

Reiki Master Teacher

Master Teacher level (level III/Third Degree Reiki), is exactly as it sounds, will learn how to do attunements so that you may teach Reiki to others.  The time is takes to get to this level is very individual; there is no rush, but experience is important, so most Reiki Masters would advise at least two years working with clients before you progress to the Master level.   A manual is provided.  

Minimum 2 people, maximum 5.

Duration: 1 day (usually 10am-4pm)     Price £150     Dates: TBA     Venue: Halstead, Essex

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