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Doors are closed for now. Join the waiting list by clicking here

Spiritual / Personal Development, Meditation & Energy Healing Membership 

- reconnecting you to the Light within

Do you feel the need for more space for you?

Do you wish to be more present in your life; to yourself and to others?

Do you wish to know yourself more deeply and care for yourself more consistently?

Do you like to meditate?

Would you love to be able to easily access healing energies as you meditate?


Then I invite you to join my new membership, 'Your gentle Space', as a founding member.

What is 'Your Gentle Space'?

  • It's a place, online, where we gather together

  • Where we pause and take some time for ourselves

  • This will be your place to be with yourself

  • To be present, to slow down and to care for yourself

  • A place of gentle reset

  • A place of nourishment

It's also a space where you will begin to play with energies in a magical way, allowing your intuition to grow, allowing your awareness of yourself and the energies to be cultivated; where you will begin to know yourself in a deeper way.  

A place of presence transformation and magic.png

Together, you and I, will co-create a new way of being. 

This is the beginning of your Becoming.

A new way of showing up for yourself; regularly, consistently. 

Releasing what weighs you down.

Creating space for a sense of freedom and spaciousness within.

Bringing more ease and Light to your mind, heart and body.

Allowing, over time, the birth of an even more beautiful and compassionate version of yourself.

A more authentic version of yourself.

becoming more you more light.png

How does it work?

We will gather together online, via zoom, each Wednesday* evening at 8.30pm and once a month, on a Thursday evening, at 8pm, we will go deeper and include some healing work.

The weekly sessions tend last approximately 60 mins, the monthly sessions approximately 1.5 hours.

You are encouraged to join us live, as this membership is about, where possible, committing to time for yourself and time to reset and realign with where you wish to head.

If you can't make it live, then I'd recommend booking a time slot in your diary to gift yourself space to be with these powerful sessions.

Replays are held within the membership hub, divided into Weekly Resets and Monthly Cleanse and Heals. This helps:

  • build your commitment to your self care time

  • build your self-awareness 

  • you to reconnect to nourishing energy

  • clear your energy layer by layer 

  • revitalise your energy

  • build your inner radiance

We have 2 types of live gatherings; weekly 'reset' and the monthly 'go-deeper'.

Reset wednesday Image.png

Weekly Resets

Each Wednesday* will start at 8.30pm promptly. 

  1. We will begin with some body reconnecting exercises, such as breath-work and awareness. 

  2. We then ground and stabilise our energies with Mother Gaia, and then consciously connect to the Divine energy of Love and Light. 

  3. From there we will begin a journey of resetting; aligning our energies with our highest versions of ourselves as we explore some inner journey using visualisations.

For instance we may go into crystal caves as we journey to rediscover our own Light and Divinity.  Or perhaps we will be inspired to explore the imagery of our chakras. Or perhaps 'try on' the future version of ourselves to understand what shifts are needed.


We will explore in Light and with gentle curiosity as we are held by the Light Beings. 

Monthly cleanse and heal image.png

Monthly Cleanse & Heal

Monthly, on Thursday evenings (1st Thursday of the month) at 8pm, we will gather together, held and surrounded by Light Beings, to share the more difficult feelings, to be with them, transmute them and allow ourselves to move into lightness. 


Claire will use Light Codes, Angelic and Reiki symbols, Reiki Healing and her Energy Clearing Statements to help shift the energies on and allow, instead, a lightening, an ease and happiness to be our new space. 

The content will depend on what members bring to the space for healing.

There is also a section, within the membership hub that will have pre-recorded content. 

rescue & reset image.png

Rescue and Reset

This section is for for when you need to access little moments of ease.


The videos are of Claire talking you through some form of reset; breathwork, energy clearing, EFT/ tapping or visualisation.  They will be between 3 and 15 minutes long. 

Important to know:

The membership will only have it's 'doors' open for a few weeks (TBC), when they will close and stay closed until 2Spring 24. 

This is because we want members to be able to get to know each other, feel comfortable with each other. 

And together we will create a container for safety, compassion and respect. 

A place where we can be ourselves.

And this takes time. 

If the membership was open all year round, it would be hard for us all to relax and build connections with a sense of safety. It feels easier on the heart to expand our connections slowly and gently.


So, if you do want to become a member, please take action now

Any delay could mean that you miss out and have to wait months for another chance. 

That's not hype; it's just acknowledgement that busy lives can mean we forget to do things, even when we really want to, most especially for ourselves.  

So, please, save yourself the disappointment and regret.


Say yes and act now.

You'll know if it's for you; hopefully by a little flutter of excitement or a big old "yes!!" boucing around inside your head.

​Also, as a Founding Member feedback may be requested from time to time to help shape or promote the membership. 

If there is something that you love; let us know. 

If there is something that isn't working for you; let us know. 


The subscription fee for membership to Your Gentle Space is £44 per month. 


If you feel, at any point that Your Gentle Space is no longer something that you want to be a part of, then you can cancel your membership at anytime, just by emailing

Please put the subject header as 'Membership Cancellation'. 

You will still have access to the zoom groups and resources until the end of that billing period (up to a month).

It would be very helpful for us to know why you are cancelling in case there is anything we can do to improve our services. 


Ready to say 'Yes'?

Are you ready to become a member?


Then follow these steps:

  1. Click here to read the terms and conditions 

  2. Complete the small form at the bottom of the page (the pink button below is a quick link to it). 

  3. Set up payment; upon successful submission of the membership form, you'll have a link to use to set up your payment.

  4. Once these two steps have been completed your login details will be created and sent to you via email. 

If you miss the link to set up your payment, please use this link here.

By clicking on the payment link, please note that you will be stating that you have read, understood and agree to those Ts and Cs.  

Be aware that the subscription will appear on your bank statements as 'Go Cardless'; this is the name of the payment processor that is used.

Still got questions?

Perhaps, at this point, you have some questions.  Take a look below; hopefully most if not all of your questions will be answered.  But if not, let us know by emailing: ​

Feeling vulnerable about sharing your information on a call?

​It is totally natural to feel uncomfortable when sharing feelings; it's a tender space to be, but by sharing you feelings many things can happen

  • relief of being open and honest about how you are feeling

  • perhaps a lessening of the pain that keeping it inside creates

  • it creates space for support to reach you, for others to extend their feelings of care to you

  • you may be speaking something that someone else also feels; maybe they haven't found their voice yet and so you are helping them too

  • it helps to build community and connection; something that many of us need as we move towards a less limited version of ourselves.


Do I need to have my camera on?

No.  While it's lovely to see your faces, it's not necessary. You can speak if you wish or just use the chat box to communicate. 

What if I can't make it live?

Although, we always encourage you to come to the sessions live and to give yourself this time (that is, after all the purpose if this space), sometimes something comes up, or you're on holiday and that's OK.  Each call will be recorded and posted within the membership area within 24-48hrs.  Only fellow members will be able to access it. 

If you have an area you would like energetic support with, you can send your question/ or some information on the feelings/thoughts involved to Claire before the monthly Cleanse & Heal, so that the energies can be 'catered' for.


Can I have 1-to-1 coaching?

Within the container of Your Gentle Space; there is no 1-to-1 coaching. 

However if you feel that this is something that you need, maybe you have some new awareness and would like deeper support with it; reach out at and we can arrange a connection call and discuss how to best approach what is coming up for you. 

Is there a facebook group? 

Yes.  Once you become a member you will be invited to join the group.

Go ahead and introduce yourself; maybe share what you are hoping to get out of the membership, what is it that brought you here etc. 

Hopefully we've answered your questions but if not, just drop us a line via the contact page.

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Doors are closed for now. Join the waiting list by clicking here

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