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Your discomfort is your doorway

I'd been wondering what to share with you this month and then I got a nudge yesterday while talking to a friend. Many of you will have been or may still be feeling low, anxious, frustrated, lost and a whole heap of other feelings that mean you ultimately feel unempowered. Yet those feelings are the doorways to the healing.


Yes, really.

There's a quote by Persian poet and philosopher Rumi; "The wound is the place where the light enters you".

I would like to share with you the truth, to my best understanding at this time, of why/ how this is so. I have seen many clients over the years who have pain; that is, after all, what I work with. Whether it's emotional, mental, spiritual and/ or physical pain. When we have pain or discomfort, what happens is two things; we over focus on the pain and then we try to ignore it. We do this alot, in a cyclical way, repeat, repeat, repeat.

While this is perfectly natural it leads us to ask the wrong questions of ourselves. Instead of "why me?", "what's wrong with me?" or "how did i do this?", "who can fix me?" maybe ask yourself: "What are my body and mind trying to tell me?"

There are so many messages that our body and subconscious are trying to share with us, but we're not so good at understanding the language.

We understand that the feeling of hunger means the body needs fuel. Or the feeling of intense heat signals strongly not to touch that or we might burn ourselves. These messages are clear.

But what about the more subtle messages delivered through our emotions, or a feeling of being off kilter?

Some of my clients who have struggled with depression or anxiety will comment that their life isn't the way they want it to be, that they've had to suppress a part of themselves just to keep going, or maybe stopped doing something that made them feel alive, or maybe they have deep relationship difficulties that they weren't ready to acknowledge, or felt a real conflict related to their job and couldn't see a way out, and often there is harmful self talk.


It hurts to live like this.

By exploring and acknowledging the message of the discord and discomfort, you can transform the signal and begin to heal.

That pain, that wound, that feeling that you avoid, is shouting to be heard. It is saying that something is disconnected, something is out of alignment with your integrity, it is asking you to look at what's not right for you; to look where are you hurting yourself in some way.

By noticing the pain, the wound, the feeling and being really willing to hear what is being shared with you through that discord, the light filters in. By "light" I mean, and I believe Rumi means, the understanding, the compassion, the awareness, the vulnerability and connection to yourself, to the divine energy that flows through all things.

The pain or discord is the where you, on some level, are asking for help, to be acknowledged. If you listen carefully, you will hear what it is saying and the Divine saying to you "this, my love, is where you think there is something wrong with you, that you think you are not enough, that you believe you are alone, that you have disconnected yourself. Please let the love in, please know that you are always connected and loved, you only need to accept that"

Case study

I get eczema, and have done since childhood, particularly on my fingers. I was talking to one of my lovely clients (who also struggles with eczema) about this very topic and suggested she tried loving the eczema. When I next saw her, the eczema patch had reduced greatly.

On a deeper level, skin issues can be related to separation from ourselves or someone that we love, (The epidemic has certainly brought this separation aspect up for many of us) and even a belief that we are separate from the Divine.

When we label an area as a "problem area", in whatever form, we 'cut it off' from the energy that moves throughout our body; we ARE energy, and so the problem feels worse. It's as if we shoot the messenger.

How about, instead, that you imagine that it's a small child that needs your care, your compassion and love; what are they asking for? How are they feeling? What is it that they want to share with you?

So love your pain, your wounding and it's message to you. That love will transform so many things; it is where the light of love, reconnection and compassion reside.

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