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So ready for a break?

I don't know about you, but it feels as if it's been a funny time, and not necessarily funny ha-ha. A client I saw a few weeks ago who said that they felt as if they'd done so much work on themselves and now they really wanted to have some ease and fun, but when would that happen? I kinda feel that too. What about you? We are in the transition towards Spring, but haven't yet left the winter-feels behind. And that seems to be playing out in the energies around us and within us. And though the struggles can ideally be seen as a gift to show us where more releasing/ realigning could be done, it can be hard when there seems no respite.

The problem comes when we're on a constant treadmill, pushing ourselves, trying so hard, perhaps feeling stuck and getting nowhere (that's been my journey...more on that in my next blog). Maybe you have old pain, mental/ emotional/ spiritual or even physical, that you are ready to let go of, but you're unsure how? In that space we need to pause and nourish ourselves on any/ every level. Then we will have new enthusiasm and inspiration, perhaps clarity comes in, or perhaps you recognise you just need to let go. Here is a little video I created, to help you do just that. Click here and it'll take you to the video on my YouTube channel.

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