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Quick note to help you realign your thoughts

This morning I caught myself contemplating postponing (aka saying I'll get round to it later, and then never 'finding' the time...if you know what I mean) my daily healing meditation practice. 

I know that I MUST do it in the morning, if I am to do it at all.

And as I have joined a group to do it, I have committed to this practice, and the benefits that I reap from it.

Yet this morning I had various commitments and I was starting to talk myself out of it.


Do you do that?

Talk yourself out of something that you know would benefit you, possibly something that you love, in favour of what needs to be done?

Most of us do, at least at some point.

It's the human condition!


Thankfully I caught myself at it, and a wiser part within must have put it's foot down, because the chatter ended and I just put the video on and started to meditate.



But yesterday I struggled in a different way; and it's something that reminded me of the importance of our language.

I settled to meditate and we are asked to set an intention of where we want to healing energy to go, as we do each time.  So I did.

Then we began the meditation; kundalini yoga style (mudra, chanting and breath work) and I could feel myself becoming distracted and my shoulders were aching and I couldn't let myself enjoy the chanting like I have done previously.

I kept moving my hands down to a more limited position for the mudra and my back was aching, my thoughts were roaming, to all the places where more healing was needed.

And I was losing patience with myself and the meditation.

Then an awareness came to me; I had set the intention to what I wanted to heal, to fix, to change.

You're probably puzzled, right, why is that a problem???

So, I'll re-frame it, because it's an important distinction:

I had set the intention focusing on healing the thing that I no longer wanted.

??? (still don't get it? I know, but you will in a moment.)

This may sound OK, but remember:

where thoughts go, energy flows.

Or to put it another way "Whatever I give my attention to, will meet me."

Which means I was focused on what I didn't want instead of what I DID want.

By focusing on what I wanted to change, I was creating more of that, rather than the outcome that I did want.


So, I asked myself, what do I want instead?

That was easy.

Wholeness and fullness. To replace where there was a sense of lack, with a sense of completeness, fullness.


As soon as I changed the intention and therefore the focus, my shoulders felt stronger. 

I could stay with the mantra with light in my heart. 

I started to feel the Light and the Love. Feelings of joy arose within me.

I was fully IN the meditation again.

Do you find yourself doing the same thing that I was doing, with your thoughts? Not just in meditation, but in life in general? Or in a particular area? Focusing on the problem?


When you notice it, congratulate yourself on this new awareness and then flip the thought towards what you do desire


Our bodies are a record of our thoughts and feelings.

Dis-empowering thoughts and feelings weaken us physically (as my shoulders were in the meditation).

If we feel tired and fed up and keep focusing on that, we get more of that.

If we feel angry and chunter on to ourselves about what /she said/did etc, how unfair it is, all we can stay with is the anger, the injustice etc, we feel tense and irritated and need to share our stories. We create an energy field that is all about this.


I'm not suggesting ignore your emotions.

Of course not.

Feel them and then let them go.

Most emotions are actually fleeting.

Holding on to them, focusing our energies towards what's not right can be easily done. And it takes acknowledgement before we can shift direction of our gaze towards the healthy and lighter.

There's lots of work that can be done here, but this simple step of noticing where you put your thoughts is an excellent first step. The next excellent second step is then choosing where/on what you want to focus.

As American coach and author Tony Robbins says "if you're looking for obstacles then what's wrong is always available. But so is what's right"

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