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No-one was hurt in the making of this message

I have a little story for you.....I wonder if you resonate....


So, this morning I was chatting to my husband, getting my yoga bag ready, keys for the car etc.

me: " I heading out now, see you later"

him: "you're early aren't you?"

me: "not really.  I want to get there on time so I can make sure I get my space"

him: (puzzled)

me: "well, a new lady came a few weeks ago and went in "my" space, so I had to go in the drafty corner"


Scene change.

I arrive early, and keen to enjoy the fresh air and birds singing, I waited outside the door for the teacher to arrive and unlock it, chatting with a couple of the other ladies that come.

Teacher arrives, door I go.

I head straight to the front where I like to go next to my friend.  I pop my bag down on the floor, grab my mat out, turn around to shake my mat out onto the floor where I am standing and the very woman that I was worried about, was right behind me, shaking her mat out and she plonked it down.  IN MY SPACE!!!

me: "oh" too surprised to utter anything else.

So, despite my best attempts and actually being IN the space, I lost out anyway!!!


How would you have responded? 

I ask this because, when I relayed this story to friends later, the general feeling is of outrage! The injustice! etc. 

We do become territorial about such things. 

My hubby was full of all the things I should have said.


But none of them came to me at that time. 

Just the "oh"

And what also comes into the equation is: what would happen if you did give voice to your upset?

We did the class and I tried so hard to let it go, to see her point of view (new to the class, wanted to be near a friend). 

I truly tried to just relax with it.

And I did better than I thought I would.

But 'it' (the situation) popped up throughout the class.

And I wondered WHY couldn't I let it go entirely?

Perhaps it's the lack of care, respect, courtesy?? The shock? It's only a space for goodness sake (that's what I kept saying to myself), let it go!


Then, right near the end of shavasana (The lovely laying down bit at the end of yoga), it dropped in my head:

I needed to know that there was a place for me too ... that was what stopped me truly letting the energy (feelings) go.

I share this because so many times we are 'hurt' in some way by the actions of others. 

And whether it's an intentional harm or not, isn't really what it's about. 

It's about what WE make it MEAN!

Once I'd had this realisation, I could see that the knock on effect of not having "my own space" was a fear that I would knock others out of their space, and that they may feel unsafe or unhappy, and that maybe they'd direct horrid thoughts towards me, as I tried to find a space that met my needs again. And that would feel worse than having to go in the drafty corner! (well, maybe!).

The very thing I had been worried about was kindly presented to me by the that I could address it, adapt and lighten up about it.

What is it you dislike/find annoying??  What did you do to let it go?

Where does the universe bring it to you to make peace with?

It takes a little awareness to step back and see how patterns play out and how we can be affected by something and how it lingers in the mind for such a long time after the event happened.


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