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Lockdown world messing with your mojo?

I shared this in my newsletter and in case you don't's a little help. This is a practice that continues to aid my return to centre and the good in my life, so if it resonates, please sink into it too.

In every moment, in each moment of NOW, is a chance to feel at peace. In this stillness focus on right now, not on yesterday or tomorrow, no thoughts or feelings about the past or the future. Just now. In this NOW moment is space to breathe, space to just be. Acknowledge where you are, how you are. Are you actually OK?

With each piece of news, or email, or text we can be pulled from our centre and life can feel chaotic, unfair, scary, oppressive, particularly at this current time. But when we stay in the centre of ourselves, and notice the now moments, we perceive the space, the peace, we have time for ourselves, loved ones and for nature.

When you feel yourself pulled out of your centre, decide if this thing that did that, is actually worth your time, attention or focus. Breathe, breathe with the focus in your heart space, dropping out of your mind and into the centre of you, the consistent, ever present you, where the divinity resides. Breathe in that space.

Then if the thing that pulled you out of your centre before really is worth your time, now you are much better placed to deal with it in perspective, so gift it your attention.

'Til we meet again.

Light and blessings



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