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Life is emotional contrast; growth is within

Life is full of contrast.

Within the darkness, the troubles, the struggles, lays the truth, the Light and it's begging to be heard. Many of my new clients say that they are frightened to take the lid off their emotions, that they may not be able to stop the feelings, they are fearful they may stay angry, or never cease to cry. I get that. Have felt and believed that too. In the past. But the truth is, emotions don't stay boxed up, held down, tied up. They leak. They leak into your everyday emotional set point, your mood. They leak into your reactions to events or situations. They inform your choices. They mess with your ability to care for yourself and for your loved ones. And they can cause physical symptoms. Emotions are not meant to be dormant and hidden. They are signposts for needs. Your needs. Give them a voice and they move on, surprisingly quickly.

Then your emotional set point will begin to rise. You will feel more settled, more yourself.

Connecting to yourself with a willingness to hear, to understand and to love will change EVERYTHING within you.

And that translates to how you feel about yourself, how you show up for yourself and how your body feels. With the right tools and support, you can connect and communicate with the old pain. You can transmute it and release it, easily. You can then nourish yourself and/or that part of yourself that was crying out for attention. One way, for the emotionally present, is to recognise the part that's 'shouting' out. Ask it to step forward. Offer reassurance that you are willing to hear, love and accept it. Let it communicate with you. Ask it what it needs to be at peace. If it's within your skills, offer that. Watch as aspects of emotional turmoil resolve themselves. Being present to yourself is ALWAYS the way to healing.

Tip: you may find another 'part' of you tries to steer you away from the part in pain. Ask it to step back. Create space for the part in pain to talk. If it suits your beliefs, ask for angel or Divine support as you give space. If you know the part in pain comes from a trauma, please seek extra support.

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