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Is Pushing Getting You Nowhere?

You know those days when you have an appointment and you do not want to be late?

You rush around getting things organised and before you know it, time has marched on a little too far. So you're a few minutes later than planned getting in your car and setting off.

You feel mildly irritated at yourself but you think, "it's ok, I allowed plenty of time". But then you're stuck behind the bin lorry or a bus, and it's difficult to get past because traffic is so heavy.

Eventually you make it and let out a sigh of relief when things seem to clear. Then you keep hitting the traffic lights on a red. And now you begin to worry that the time is slipping past and the more you worry about it, the worse your journey gets? Until you eventually turn up at the appointment stressed and out of sorts? Well, that's me! Since last summer I've been pushing myself to create something for people with Emotional Eating issues. I already had a programme but decided it wasn't good enough and I wanted to do it differently. I like the creative phase...normally! I even felt that this was the direction I was supposed to concentrate my work towards, my purpose. After all I've been there. It felt good to be so sure. I was expecting it all to flow from me with ease. And yet I was getting nowhere with it. The harder I pushed, the more stuck I became. I'd used my tools to keep shifting the feelings/thoughts and energies, only to be back where I was within 24/48 hrs. Round and round. So frustrating! I worked with my beloved 'tapping buddy' Ambuka. We made progress and I felt excited again...the train was rolling again (so to speak), but it quickly ground to a halt AGAIN! A big fat stop! And then I started to make wrong choices for my body and my emotional/ mental health. I was zoning out playing games on my phone. I wasn't walking as much as I know it helps me to. I was sitting in front of my laptop, hoping things would happen differently today. So not only did I feel stuck in my work but also in my sense of well being. And the self judgements started again. I KNOW that these are KEY signals for me. (I imagine you have key signs too. Your own red alerts.) Something different had to be done. Thankfully I had a session scheduled with Ambuka and we followed the energy and thoughts of the issue and came to the crux of the problem. Hallelujah! As result, I would like to rescind my statement that my focus was going to be on Emotional Eating over the coming months/years. Yes, I take it back. My arrow hadn't quite hit the right mark, and because it was out of alignment, the universe stopped me in my tracks and basically said "listen here missy. You wanted to try this out, and so we thought we'd let you have a go, but it's time to get back on the right path now". And so I pulled back from the bullseye, and I could see more of the target. I shifted my focus over by one degree. And all became clear. So, although I will be offering help with Emotional eating (very soon), my purpose is actually closer to where I was before; helping those who struggle to feel their feelings, who can't get a sense of who they really are or what they really want, who feel discordant within themselves, helping them FIND themselves, connect to their light, truth and ease, and empower them to create a better feeling life. Amongst all the experiences of life, unless we consciously release it, we begin accumulate pain. And that pain can become limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, patterns of behaviour that are not for our highest expression. It can be medicating via food/ alcohol/ drugs. This pain is often the result of unmet needs. And those needs shout to be cared for but we don't understand the language that they are using. Caring for this, I do well. I get to help to create a lasting impact for people who need guidance and support. I get to help people learn to love themselves, have compassion for their setbacks and create a life that feels good to them. That's the joy in my work; the proverbial icing on the cake. Plus we get to 'play' together, and that helps co-create enthusiasm and inspiration. Beautiful! So now that I know this, deep within myself, I feel aligned again. The name of my business makes sense again. The aromatherapy aura sprays make sense again. The range of services I offer makes sense again. The trainings I do, fit in with the growth of individuals sharing their light. Because Energy is first within EVERYTHING, that's my cohesive whole. How can I know for sure? Because it feels lighter, brighter and easier. And so do I. It helps connect me with what I love to do; play with energy, compassionately support people who are struggling emotionally, explore new energy 'stuff' and respond to what's in front of me, using ANY of the many tools that I have. Perhaps you can take something of value from that last paragraph. If you're trying to chose, and one side seems practical and logical. But the other side lights you up, feels more playful, more joyful. Listen to the latter. The joy, light and ease is the calling of your Soul. We came here to experience life on earth, but our journey back to joy is the real learning. It's worth repeating that. The journey back to joy is the real learning. That little nugget of truth dropped in from some magical place; thanks Universe!

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