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How kind are you about yourself? Your Body?

The way we think about our bodies, about ourselves has an impact.

We can let our goodness be the focus or our flaws and imperfections.

When we take our cues for our 'deserving-ness', our value, our worth, from outside of ourselves, we become self hating. We hold ourselves up to impossible standards and can never relax.

We judge the 'bad' aspects continuously.

Our nervous systems get triggered each time we think about the problem, or catch sight of ourselves in the mirror. Stress hormones get released and so we become hyper-attentive to the 'problem'. We believe all the negative comments and thoughts that come our way.

Can it be different?

What if, instead, we build (or rebuild), on the INSIDE (not external validation), that sense of who we are, what we are worthy of and that we have a right to be here on this planet, doing our best, and that it IS enough, we can change the very fabric of ourselves.

We begin to take up space (the space that was meant to be filled by us), we show others how to do it by example.

We don't talk about it, we do it and we share our experiences along the way.

No more playing small.

No more low self esteem.

No more apologising for being here.

And...our bodies change.

Because we are GENUINELY loving/accepting of them again.

The truly valuable things are qualities such as love, connection, happiness, playfulness, ease, compassion, integrity etc.

They are the things that bring people a sense of safety and a place where we can be ourselves.

If we can learn to offer this for ourselves with true openness, then we can share that gift with others...and they will FEEL that, energetically.

And we can all begin to let go of the feelings of judgements that block us, in all sorts of ways.

THIS is what matters, isn't it?

Sometimes it's as easy to do this as shifting your mindset for yourself. But if you would like help in this area, please contact me and we can book a chat.

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