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How are you truly feeling?

How are you?

If you know me at all, you will know that I genuinely want to know how you are doing.

I'm not asking in a way that expects you to gloss over what's not going well for you.

I'm not expecting you to say 'I'm fine' so that I can move on.

So how are you? Are you doing OK? Feeling fabulous?

Or instead struggling a little or a lot?

If you're feeling great, I am so pleased for you; keep doing what it is that keeps you well and happy, whether it's giving yourself permission to be in less places, or have more you-time or something else. That's really great that you're doing so well and if you'd like to share that with me, just because it feels good to spread a little happiness, then I am here to hear and to smile at your successes and good feelings.

But for those struggling .... life may not feel so easy or sunny, despite the weather. It's like when you LOVE the sun and the heat and want to be in it all the time and you can't understand why someone would want the shade and the coolness. We're all different. Personally I love the heat, but only if I have a body of water to sit in and some shade for my head! It also brings up all sorts of thoughts and feelings about clothing, exercise and hydration. Like considering carefully what to wear that will not draw attention to my milk bottle white legs that tend to swell in the heat. Ha ha, it's a challenge for me, but this may not be y

our challenge. Maybe it's something else, or perhaps no challenge at all.

Why did I use that metaphor? Where you are right now might feel great for you; the increase in meeting up with friends and family might feel lovely and much needed. Or you may feel overwhelmed by the 'need' to be in so many places after such relative solitude and quiet.

Many people are expressing this right now; they are having to pace themselves in a way that they didn't need to before, to make sure that they are emotionally and physically ok.

If you are sensitive to energy, you may feel more drained as you reconnect with people that you haven't spent time with for a long while and they may be feeling low and so unconsciously deplete your energy.

You may not feel relaxed enough to start to see people yet and are feeling pressured to 'get over yourself'.

Perhaps the last year or so has thrown up some serious life challenges and you're reeling from it all.

Whatever is going on for you, requires you to ask yourself "what it is that I need in order to feel ok/ good/ safe".

Whatever you are experiencing, please seek the support or create the care, that you need in order to help yourself feel your best self. Give yourself permission to do this for you.

If the past year or so has shown us nothing else, it has been to slow down, take stock of how we are feeling and be true to the need that it speaks of. That is how we become present and begin to care for our whole selves fully.

My purpose is to help people who are struggling with difficult feelings.

If you feel able or ready to reach out to see if I could help you, then I invite you to please do so, by phone or email; which ever way feels safest and most helpful for you.

If you're not ready yet, then maybe there's a video that you can follow along with here, which might help you feel better.

That's always my aim.

Claire Williams

Helping people who are struggling with difficult feelings, to reconnect with themselves and love who they are.

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