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Do you show up for yourself? Consistently?

I have a question for you....

Do you consistently show up for yourself?

Or, do you find that an extra pressure for your time or attention derails your sense of balance and ability to totally care for yourself?

What am I talking about? Kyle Gray (author, Angel communicator and speaker) once said that NO MATTER WHAT he does yoga first thing and meditates in the evening just before bed. No matter what.

Do you have any 'no matter whats'?

As I write this (after giving myself so much pressure to write to you at the beginning of April, then in time for Easter... which I obviously still didn't manage), I realise that even with all the practice and knowledge I have, I still don't have a single 'NO MATTER WHAT' set up.....apart from brushing my teeth and showering! From the beginning of January up until about a month ago, I was doing my Course in Miracles daily lesson, I was doing my Italian practice on an app and learning new energy practices. Then I signed up for some webinars and other learnings, and started pressuring myself to do Instagram posts and write my newsletter and these new daily practices started to fall by the wayside.

Because I put too much on to my plate.

I'm guessing that you may be like me, in that, you too will set up good practices. Ones that feel nourishing for you and for a while you feel great and balanced and all feels manageable.

Then something changes and you start feeling like, and believing, that you don't have time for that/ those practice/s anymore. And then they get dropped. And you feel bad about that for a while, then even that stops.

And the idea of bringing them back in to your daily routine feels impossible. Even though it felt good when you did them, right?

Does that feel familiar?

Thing is, these practices we want to do for ourselves are usually about a change; something that we are looking to be 'more' of in the future and though they reap a small reward in the 'now' it doesn't feel compelling yet. Plus the idea that you only need repeat something 21 times and it's a habit doesn't seem to work for self care/development practices. It takes a real and consistent showing up to make that change.

Now, don't get me wrong, there's much to unpack from this seemingly simple resistance. But that's for another time!

So, we have to make a non-negotiable commitment to ourselves.

Ha! Like that's going to last!

I hear you.

But it is true.

A time would need to be booked out, like making an appointment to see someone else, such as hairdresser, coffee with a friend, PT, class at the gym, something that you wouldn't give up, instead you work around it.

A commitment to ourselves can be so hard to make and to consistently show up for, but if we want to do these things for ourselves then it's a must (don't walk away just yet, I have a cunning plan to make that easier!)

Right now you may be thinking, how the hell am I going to fit in all the things I want to do for myself??? Well, first step....start small! One thing that you can add into your day (and you may believe you do not have time for that, but I've got something to share with you that will help with that, I promise!).

I made the mistake of trying to bring 3 new practices in each and every morning, oh and a walk in nature. Mistake. Well 3 new ones. It was winter, I felt tired, couldn't get up as early as my head decided I could, so I lost time in the morning, so I'd forgo 1 or 2 of the new practices.

And now I believe I haven't got time!

Ha! That old chestnut!

So, to help you and to help myself, I've created a tapping video that you can tap along with me to help us both find a way to care for ourselves, in a way that works for us as individuals.

When I've done this tapping focus before, my attendees had such great A-Ha moments and could easily see where they could fit in a spot of knitting, reading or a walk. Even in their jam packed days. Because we weren't looking for heaps of time, just a window that was the perfect size for their activity.

Plus, we tapped around the idea that your time is actually yours, and it's up to you to keep it least some of the time. That boundary helps you care for you, which then helps you care for others.


You cannot run on empty and feel good doing it!

To tap along with the video, just click here, "do it now, don't put it off" says your Future Self! Why not listen to them?

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