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A New Year message

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support over the past year, it has been invaluable, and to wish you a wonderful 2021. But I'd also like to invite you to take a moment or three to ponder over your experience of 2020, not in order to bring you down, you know me better than that, but to shift your view....just a little...

For most 2020 has been a challenging and difficult year, but that is never the whole story.

So, may I ask you to take a small journey, as I guide you, to briefly look back over 2020 and see what you notice (you may like to journal this) ....

Imagine floating up and over the year with your mind and your heart and ask that your truth comes to your awareness.

What do you notice? ...

Perhaps begin to wonder ...

Maybe ask to have awareness of all the places where you became more yourself, perhaps shed an old unhelpful way of being, a habit or thought pattern. Maybe you struggled and asked for help and can now see how much better you feel. Maybe you have enjoyed time for yourself and are more boundaried about that time. Maybe your spiritual practice became more consistent.

How did you become more your whole and real self?

What did you gain from the challenging times, have you grown in some way, achieved something you feel good about. It is the hard and challenging times that lead to growth, not the easy comfortable times. Where did you find your stronger self, your more adaptable self, maybe your more creative self?

Had you forgotten s/he was there?

Acknowledge this.

Acknowledge too where and how you have struggled; your sad times, fearful or angry times. Offer yourself love. Only you know exactly what you are experiencing, but loving your troubled self is as important as loving your happy self, it's just less easy to remember. You may still feel that you are in a difficult space in some way, but maybe a part of you can feel or recognise that in this singular moment you are ok. Breathe that in.

As you begin to recognise and acknowledge what 2020 brought you, notice too, all the blessings in your life, all the small things that brought you happiness, all the experiences that led to feelings of wonder, laughter and connection. Look back over the whole of 2020 and sense it's fullness.

You may wish to journal your reflections; it can be a very valuable experience, or create some artwork, but even just to notice and acknowledge it is sufficient.

Now, what are you ready to leave behind? What are you ready to let go of?

Your answer to this will be much more discerning now than if I had asked this question right at the beginning. So what is ready to be released?

Say it out aloud.

And to borrow a clearing statement from EAM (Energy Alignment Method...which I love),

release that energy from your personal energy field, so that you don't carry it around anymore.

State, aloud,

" I now release all___________. I release it from my energy, in all forms, on all levels, at all points in time" Repeat it three times and breathe.

Now take a moment to come back to the 'now'.

And float over 2021.

None of us yet know what it holds, but setting your intention for how you want it be for you and how you want to feel will start to pull it towards you. Call that into your energy. Keep feeling it and calling it in. make it yours, make it feel great and make it feel true in your heart!

You may like to use these intention statements and using a bit more EAM magic, stand tall, hold your arms up and wide above your head and state:

" I now align myself to experiencing flow and happiness, feeling love, respect and connection in all my relationships including with Mother Earth, I allow myself to feel the magic and wonder of all that 2021 holds for me. I allow myself to receive this into my energy, in all forms, on all levels, at all points in time.

I now allow myself to experience abundance and joy, forgiveness and connection, happiness and peace, love and magic as I move through 2021. I call this into my energy, in all forms, on all levels, at all points in time.

I now align myself to the beauty and wonder, love and magic of this spectacular life. I receive this into my energy, in all forms, on all levels, at all points in time."

Thank you for taking this time; it will have served your heart beautifully.

I will message again with updates, but for now, you beautiful being, I wish you a truly expansive and transformative 2021.

Love, light and blessings


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