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What are YOU going to make the rest of your day about?

A strange question perhaps?

It was a question I posed myself yesterday evening. But why?

Let me start at the beginning of the day.

Lovely meditation in the morning, then up and out to the Hopsice for my weekly volunteering, feeling bright, open and positive.

The 30 minute drive in was easy, smooth even; no congestion, no agressive drivers, even green lights at all the roadworks, etc., etc., you get the picture I'm sure.

I had a really great few hours at the hospice, the patients loving the treatments, seeing a patient I hadn't seen for a while, meeting a new patient with a shared interest in crystals, and then a lovely chat with a young person where we had interests that overlapped, I passed on some information and I learned a few new things....a perfect day in my book. I felt great and at one with the universe!

Then off to the nearby supermarket to get some food for dinner and some much needed lunch. As I mooched around trying to decide what to cook for my family that night, I noticed that I'd disengaged from the almost-euphoric feeling that I'd left the hospice with and was starting to feel singular, separate from the rest of my species and rather foggy around the head. Hmmm, where did that great feeling go? I'm just hungry and tired I decide!

I head back out of the supermarket to my car and begin my drive home. The journey wasn't as smooth as this morning and there was most definitely some aggressive driving witnessed.

Once home I eat my, by now, very late lunch and then get on with the chores; clearing up, tackling the huge pile of unironed shirts (hmmm my favourite! NOT!) before starting dinner. By then it was gone 7pm, and I was feeling shattered, grumpy, unhelped and best still, almost a martyr!

Come on Claire, sort this mood out. So while dinner baked in the oven, I went and sat in the garden to enjoy the trees, watch the birds and bugs and enjoy some fresh air.

Then it dawned on me. Is this negative burdened cloak I seemed to have wrapped around my shoulders going to be what the rest of my day is about?

There was still about 3 hours until bed time. What could I do to make me feel feel happier, relaxed and at one with the world again? To tune into that great feeling from earlier? I could....

Eat dinner with my family?

Have a cuddle on the sofa with my fiance while watching a tv programme we both enjoy?

Have a lovely bath with my chakra oils? with some of my favourite crystals? with both?

Write? ..I'd wanted to write.

So I did! All of the above!

And my day ended well.

So, at any point during the day, ask yourself, "what will the rest of my day be about?" and then decide!

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