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Using Pink light to protect your energy

Do you work in an environment where people express themselves at you and you have to just listen? Does this leave you feeling drained? Or threatened?

Or do you work with people who are ill or traumatised?

Or perhaps you visit the doctors surgery or hospital with a loved one or for yourself and this leaves you feeling flat or tired?

Or maybe your work environment is full of tension due to employment worries. If you feel the answer is Yes? Then this little blog may help you.

The energy in environments where people are poorly or anxious, or where they express their less than joyous feelings is often quite 'heavy', and this affects those who frequent these places regularly. It can feel like you can't really be your usual boyant self, or that you feel your energy draining as soon as you get near the place. I understand this feeling only too well!

Much as I love my volunteer work in my local hospice (and I really do,) I used to find it incredibly draining and would reach for sugary snacks to give myself a quick boost or fall asleep while 'enjoying' a well earned cuppa on my sofa before sorting dinner out! I also didn't like the fact that I didn't feel my normal self. But now I ensure I do this quick techique before I step through the hospice door and I leave the environment only feeling better for what I have given and the time I have spent with some very dear people.

The advantage of this technique is that the person expressing still feels able to talk or to share, and that's good because it's obviously what they need to do, but you don't need to take their energy on and let it interact or change yours.

So what do you do? It's simple, just imagine wrapping yourself in beautiful clean pale pink light (I imagine candyfloss coloured light), from head to toe. You will feel lovingly protected and they will feel safe to talk about whatever is bothering them. It's such a gentle and simple technique, try it as often as you need to. You could even clean your energy off between clients/patients or as you leave the environment by imagining a huge soft white cloth cleaning your aura and the 'pinkness' away and letting the universe use and clean the energy, though I don't normally feel this is necessary...but it's your energy, so it's your choice. X

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