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Jet Lag Blues!

I've just got back to the UK after a fabulous holiday visiting family in Canada and within 24 hours of landing, I feel very tired,exhausted even, wooly headed, congested in the nose, oh have I mentioned....exhausted?! Is this the dreaded "Jet Lag"??'s been nearly ten years since my last long distance holiday so I am unsure. But that aside, as someone who works with energy, I felt it would be a good time to experiment to see what helps me feel better.

First step....drink lots of water.....just so that I'm sure I'm not dehydrated (you know when you are as your wee looks anything more than very pale!). I must admit it did help my mind feel a little clearer within minutes.

Then, a lovely little aura cleaning exercise. You can try this too, at any time, no excuse needed, it's good practice and only takes a moment!

Imagine a big white cloth (the texture, material, size are all up to you), then with the intention of cleaning your aura (the energetic body around your physical body), imagine polishing every bit; envisage it being a shiny, clear, bright area. When you are sure that your aura is sparkling, dispose of your 'energetic' cloth - send it into the universe, explode it into a million pieces, or however else you choose. Done!

Then I tried a little EFT (aka tapping), just a basic set up, my brain wasn't feeling alert enough for deep insight!

So, on the Karate Chop point of the side of the hand "Even though I feel tired in

my body and wooly headed, I love and accept myself"

Then while tapping on each of the points (see link for more information) I just used phrases such as "exhausted in my body", "tired in my mind", "tired body", "wooly headed" etc (the phrasing is your choice as it's your feeling). After the first round I felt that my energy was taking notice and was awakening, so I did it for a few rounds and added in phrases such as "I chose to feel alert", "I chose to feel energetic". I won't say I was bouncing around but it certainly pepped me up enough to get the chores done without that awful dragging feeling! Give it a try, you only have energy to gain! x

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