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You ARE the healing power!

This week's video is aimed for those of you that struggle with something: feelings, pain, irritation, flare ups, aches etc. Basically anything that's happening in your body that pulls you out of alignment.

At the same time this video is all about reminding you that you have the healing power within you. You don't need to be special to do this. You just need to be present and have the intention of healing and have a little guidance to get you started.

All that's different between me and you in the 'healing game' is that I've probably had lots more practice and play-time with it. That's it!

So, use this video if you have pain, if you're struggling with how you feel physically or emotionally, if you can't get a handle on something that's troubling you. It will help. Remember, feeling stressed and hopeless about something increases your stress hormones and moves the body even further away from healing. This will help get you back towards the good space.

Plus, deep slow breathing, in through the nose for say 5, out through the mouth for about 8 will bring the parasympathetic nervous system into dominance, which is the healing state for the body, all that's needed is a longer out-breath than in-breath.

AND if you're struggling with repetitive mental chatter about the issue (I call that story), where you don't believe it will change, or you're doing something wrong, then give the video ago and then head over to this video and tap the pesky voices into submission!

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