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Are you feeling like yourself?

How are you faring as we shift into different phases of interaction and connection?

I know that some are doing well, some are doing OK but many are not and some are even struggling with how they feel. I want to speak to that.

I frequently hear from clients, and I have felt this myself too, that they feel out of sorts, out of balance and yet they don't really know why. They feel good for a couple of days and then dip back down. The cycle repeats. And their family members are doing this too. We're having to navigate a new normal that doesn't necessarily feel good to us or to our hearts.

During the time of lockdown and the lessening of restrictions many things have been occurring and on many levels.

Many, like myself, have had our work impacted, so financially things feel uncomfortable, maybe very constricted and for some it induces a state of panic or overwhelm. Or maybe your work load has increased to level that feels unsustainable. I hear you.

The lack of interaction and connection with our loved ones in the way that we used has been and continues to be really tough. Not being able to hug our grown up children or our parents, or grandchildren (and seeing the confusion on their little faces), or other beloved family members; this feels hard and feels alien. And it's not what our hearts want.

The Black Lives Matter campaign has made many of us question (rightly so) how we speak about and think about people of cultures different than ours. Assessing if we could be a cause of harm, even without any intention. The world is such a diverse and interesting place and has great beauty because of that. But those fearful hearts aren't open and expansive to the wonders of the differences; instead there may be fear of unintentionally offending, of noticing the 'otherness' and of wondering how wrong we have been getting for years even when we thought we had been 'good' people. It's tricky to stand in that vulnerability of not knowing, but we must, this is a time to understand many things in different ways. My husband often says "everyday is a school day", some lessons are not learned in one sitting.

This is all on physical, mental and emotional levels. It's difficult to get comfortable with, even when we know that change is a must, we have to get used to things and find our way of making it work for us and those around us. Moving forward in a more aware and open hearted way, though to do this fully, a sense of safety is needed.

All the while, huge energies, of a healing and changing nature, have been bombarding the Earth. All to help us be more loving to ourselves, each other and the planet. These are cleansing and shifting energies, bringing light to the shadow, illuminating the unjust so we may take action for real change. We have to let go of the old to have space for the new... That includes ways of being in the world.

This can cause physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms.

Many, many people have started to awaken to a new way of being; seeing their unhelpful patterns, realising that their lives need to change direction, wondering what their purpose is, or just feeling out of sorts and not being able to pinpoint why. many I know ARE on their purpose, but have struggled with the intensity of the shifts and changes and the problems that those around them are experiencing.

We are being gently, and sometimes not so gently, agitated to take stock of our lives so far. This can result in many changes. Some may be our choices and some may be thrust upon us. We may want to know and understand ourselves more deeply and start to take full responsibility of the way that we live our lives and interact with others, maybe we're becoming interested in the esoteric, maybe we're making lifestyle changes; caring for our bodies and minds like we have never done before. Perhaps there are big life changes such as house moving, ending relationships, starting relationships, redundancy, changing jobs, setting up your own business. Mostly it's about getting clear on what's really important to us, deep down and moving towards that often with a sense of being of service.

And we needed to have space to allow this to unfold.

The normal pace of many lives is too busy and full to notice what really matters to us, this period of time made us pay attention. Not through our minds, but instead our hearts. It might not have been easy or comfortable, but our hearts want to be heard. And they ask that we let them guide our next steps.

Each Sunday morning, Heart energy is being 'anchored' to the earth, particularly Glastonbury (the heart chakra of Mother Earth) by a group of approximately 1000 souls.  Whenever I participate in this experience, my energy feels cleansed and boosted. And the connection, the experience makes me feel so full of gratitude and happiness; usually with huge tears.

I believe this is because we're processing so much through our own energy field - thoughts, emotions,  beliefs about ourselves and our place in the world, reactions to situations that we have no control of, as well as the feelings and reactions of those around us, news articles, social media and more, that when we connect to an energy far greater than our own, we release all the tension that the uncomfortable stuff has created, very easily. We cannot hold on to the heaviness, so we surrender it. Our hearts open wide, expanding and filling with love and connection, and then we are clear(ish) channels again; being our best selves.

In case this isn't easily understandable, imagine this; when we're with people we love and feel happy to be around, our energy lifts, our hearts open and relax, the world feels good and life seems to flow more easily. We smile, we laugh, we feel really good inside. Simple pleasures. The opposite is also true when we're with fearful or depressed people etc. But stick with the feeling happy scenario. When we are happy, we are 'in flow', living life, we resist little and we really allow ourselves such ease. We relax physically, mentally and emotionally. And therefore spiritually. We are 'aligned'. Our energy systems will be singing! We feel so good, contented, connected, happy, maybe even at peace with the world. And you want to share how good you feel with others. I'm sure you have been in such situations... Think back... What was gong on for you and how did you feel?

At a fundamental level, energetically speaking, you are open hearted and in flow.  This is what we're all aiming towards.

There are lots of things we can do for ourselves and there are some occasions when we need guidance. Our hearts tell us when we need help and sometimes we have to override the mind that tells us we can manage by ourselves.

So if you are struggling please reach out for help. I know it takes courage and it's uncomfortable to feel vulnerable, and you may argue with yourself about the cost (if you are seeking help outside the NHS), but isn't the pain, discomfort, anxiety, lack of living, the feeling 'off' harming you in more ways than all of that?

Isn't it time to care for you, to love yourself enough to reach out and take a helping hand?

A helping hand from someone who really listens to what you have to say as you share what burdens you?

Somewhere where you can be you and not try to 'keep the peace', or hold back the tears or button up the frustration?

Somewhere where how you feel is important, giving you space to acknowledge it and with someone who knows how to help you move into a brighter way of being, to help you let go of the heaviness, the depression or anxiety and guide you towards feeling happier, lighter, more confident, getting your life back on track and feeling really good about yourself.

Gift yourself that help.

Love and blessings


P.S. Perhaps this message has touched your heart; I'm glad, because the words came from my heart especially for yours to hear. Maybe you would like to ask me questions about how we might work together, or perhaps you've had a look around my website or at my videos and have decided that we would be a good fit...Great...just email or call. or 07979381721

Or if this is the first contact you've had with me, welcome! I suggest that you get that take a look around my website and my free supportive videos; use them for your best health and maybe subscribe to my newsletter to stay in touch.

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