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The Violet Flame; you can use this energy to lift your energy

This technique is one that I share with most of my clients usually because they mention feeling uncomfortable in certain situations, places, or feeling a bit heavy, or anxious etc. and because they can practise it quickly and no one around them need know. It is not, however, limited to personal use; I will often imagine individuals, buildings or even whole countries or continents in the Violet Flame.

So, what is this technique and what does it do? The energy that we will utilise here is called The Violet Flame. I came across this energy approximately 10/11 years ago when talking with a friend about feeling drained and almost invaded (energetically) by another friend in our group. She passed me a copy of a letter once given to her.

In very brief detail it said that in 1987 Ascended Master St Germain requested of Source/God (whatever your preferred term of reference is) a special dispensation, for the return of the Violet Flame to Earth, for all humanity to use to transmute negativity; much needed as the planet approached the change of consciousness in 2012. This request was granted and the following year the Silver Ray (of Grace and Harmony) was merged with the Violet Flame, and later still, the Golden Ray (of wisdom) also merged. So the Violet Flame really is a powerful transmuting tool, allowing old negative ways of thinking or being to be transmuted and new more loving, wise, harmonious way of thinking or being to take it's place.

So, how do you use this? Simple. Give yourself a few minutes each day to imagine yourself surrounded by a beautiful violet colour, and as you imagine this say to yourself 3 times "I am in my Violet Flame" (three times for the mind, body and soul). Feel this beautiful cleansing colour dissolving and removing all negativity from around you and within you. Then wrap yourself in beautiful golden white light, breathe deeply and then get on with your day!

Once you have done this for a couple of weeks you will be able to feel the shifts when you use this lovely ray. You can call St Germain to help or even ask for Arch Angel Zadkiel (he, along with St Germain are the 'keepers' of the Violet Ray), they are always there for you, so just ask.

I hope you enjoy this, but don't keep it to yourself! X

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