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Tap along with Claire

From mid-March ('24) we will meet on the third Tuesday of the month, to do a live Tapping Circle around a particular theme.

Zoom Link

Latest Recording

New video (from 19th March) will be uploaded here by end of 20th March.

If there's something you'd love to tap out, please email Claire and we can look to include it as a Tapping Circle theme).


Here you will find a library of tapping videos that you can join in with.  Tapping is a great way to reset the mindset, but also to release stress/anxiety.  It works by switching off the fight/flight/freeze/fawn response and allowing you to reconnect with the more relaxed and whole-feeling sense of self.

After the (Christmas) break, are you struggling to get back into a good routine or habit?  One that you have experienced as being GREAT for you? Then this video will help you through that resistance and back into alignment.

This video helps you let go of the addictive behaviours with sugar/carbs and also not approving of yourself. This topic can be deep and complex to treat, but some shifts will be experienced if you tap along.  Although this video was recorded before Christmas, it is relevant at any point in the year.

feel like you can't even find 10 minutes in your day to do what feels good for you?  Tap along and shift your perspective towards more space and time.

Feeling like you're pushing and getting nowhere?  tap along and create a sense of expansiveness.

Tapping for self love and acceptance even when things don't feel good.

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