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Weekly Reset Recordings

1st gathering; where you connect to the Divine and Mother Gaia. Then go through a gentle visualisation to lay down your burdens.


1st gathering audio
00:00 / 1:02:37

3rd Weekly Reset gathering; with a focus on connecting to heart energy.18/07/2023

3rd weekly reset audio
00:00 / 1:06:30

2nd weekly reset gathering.  As always connecting to the Divine and Mother Gaia, then giving the chakras a clean and boost.


2nd weekly reset audio
00:00 / 1:11:12

4rd Weekly Reset gathering; with a focus on embodiment and releasing tension to bring more light into the body, ending with a playful experience in the energy. 25/07/2023

4th weekly reset audio
00:00 / 1:18:16

Weekly reset with a difference as it's the Lionsgate Portal; with extra high frequency energy to help you embody who you really want to become.  Some Chanting at the beginning too help clear blockages (please excuse my singing, but do join'll feel better for it!) 8/8/23

Lionsgate Weekly audio
00:00 / 55:30

In this weeks gathering we connect to heart energy (the embodied Divine) and then we do a gratitude practice; grab a pen and paper.

6th weekly gathering 15 08 23 audio
00:00 / 51:29

This week was all about getting back in your body and noticing what your heart needs (and then receiving it!) 23/08/23

7th weekly reset 23 08 23 audio
00:00 / 43:54

Today we connect with the body through the breath; releasing and relaxing. Then we ground and nourish and then reignite our connection to the Divine consciously. We take time in our sacred glade to wash away any dense energy and recharge within a special force-field of Divine Love. A gentle recharging session, bringing a higher awareness of your own energy field. 12/09/23

8th weekly reset audio 120923
00:00 / 56:32

This week was all about getting back in your body and connecting to the equinox energies of light and dark, feminine and masculine. 21/09/23

weekly reset wed 20 09 23 audioi
00:00 / 48:30
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