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Weekly Reset Recordings

The most recent weekly reset video is posted here. The audio file is at the bottom of the page. Any information links will also be there.


Then, the videos below are descending in week numbers (i.e. the video below is the first Weekly Reset) So if you want a video from May '24, scroll down towards the bottom of the page)

1st gathering; where you connect to the Divine and Mother Gaia. Then go through a gentle visualisation to lay down your burdens.


1st gathering audio
00:00 / 1:02:37

3rd Weekly Reset gathering; with a focus on connecting to heart energy.18/07/2023

3rd weekly reset audio
00:00 / 1:06:30

2nd weekly reset gathering.  As always connecting to the Divine and Mother Gaia, then giving the chakras a clean and boost.


2nd weekly reset audio
00:00 / 1:11:12

4rd Weekly Reset gathering; with a focus on embodiment and releasing tension to bring more light into the body, ending with a playful experience in the energy. 25/07/2023

4th weekly reset audio
00:00 / 1:18:16

Weekly reset with a difference as it's the Lionsgate Portal; with extra high frequency energy to help you embody who you really want to become.  Some Chanting at the beginning to help clear blockages (please excuse my singing, but do join'll feel better for it!) 8/8/23

Lionsgate Weekly audio
00:00 / 55:30

In this weeks gathering we connect to heart energy (the embodied Divine) and then we do a gratitude practice; grab a pen and paper.

6th weekly gathering 15 08 23 audio
00:00 / 51:29

This week was all about getting back in your body and noticing what your heart needs (and then receiving it!) 23/08/23

7th weekly reset 23 08 23 audio
00:00 / 43:54

Today we connect with the body through the breath; releasing and relaxing. Then we ground and nourish and then reignite our connection to the Divine consciously. We take time in our sacred glade to wash away any dense energy and recharge within a special force-field of Divine Love. A gentle recharging session, bringing a higher awareness of your own energy field. 12/09/23

8th weekly reset audio 120923
00:00 / 56:32

This week was all about getting back in your body and connecting to the equinox energies of light and dark, feminine and masculine. 21/09/23

weekly reset wed 20 09 23 audioi
00:00 / 48:30

Connecting with the energies of the super full moon we go deep and release anything that has been holding us back, we reclaim our power together with responsibility and inner wisdom. 27/09/23

10th weekly reset superfullmoon
00:00 / 51:18

Beautiful, gentle, soft and expansive as we connect with the quiet places within the head, heart and hara. 11/10/23

11th weekly reset audio
00:00 / 43:13

Alignment meditation 23/10/23

Meditation into Love and Alignment audio
00:00 / 54:49

This weeks meditation takes us on a journey into dark cave waters to know and bring into ourselves aspects that we judge or separate ourselves from; with the guidance of Mary Magdalene and Goddess energy we reclaim these parts of ourselves and the gifts they contain.  15/11/23

14th weekly reset audio
00:00 / 54:59

Our last gathering of 2023, just in time for the Winter Solstice and Longest Night.  We begin with a gentle gratitude practice giving thanks for what we received this year and move into a breath meditation practice of Light and Love teamed with Reiki and Quantum Touch for added nourishment. 20/12/23

16th weekly reset audio
00:00 / 52:43

This week we bring light to the body; bone to blood, re-invigorating and nourishing us. We then cleanse the lower levels of the aura, encompassing ourselves in a bubble as we journey to a temple in the heavens.  31/01/24

18th weekly reset audio
00:00 / 56:50

This week we spend time with a Fire Dragon; transmuting the lower energies and learning how to call upon the dragon to help us in a day to day way.  21/02/24

20th weekly reset audio(1)
00:00 / 47:29

Today we journey to a peaceful open landscape and lean against an old oak tree and notice how our bodies lighten and ease, whilst we are serenaded by birds.


22nd weekly reset audio
00:00 / 46:36

We connect with earth energies via a tree, soil and grass. We allow ourselves to receive healing energy as we release stagnant energy down into the earth to be transformed.


24th WR healing energy releasing into nature audio
00:00 / 48:49

Very slow and gentle exploration of the body with the breath and the love of the Divine. 18/10/23

12th weekly reset audio
00:00 / 47:32

This meditation takes us on a journey of exploration into new places; to become embodied in Presence, to know the Divine in a different  form.  We ask: if life was not happening to us, but FOR us, what would it be showing us?

13th weekly reset embodied consciousness audio 8_11_23
00:00 / 54:14

This week we cleanse our chakras and aura of stagnant fearful/agitated energy.  We boost the chakras of possibility and probability; allowing for greater alignment.


15th weekly reset audio
00:00 / 1:05:30

Connecting to the body and the organs of the body, infusing all with Light. Then bathing in the full moon energy and revitalising with Sun energy.


17th Weekly reset audio
00:00 / 51:17

This week's meditation was about love and balance. We accessed deeper wisdom about the challenging energy we have been navigating in recent days particularly. We explored some sacred geometry shapes to get a feel for the shape that most supports us today, as we called our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies to balance within us. 14/2/24

For a little scared geometry info click below:

19th weekly reset audio
00:00 / 52:54

This week a beautiful expansive meditation connecting to the intelligence of the body via a 'control panel' in the mind's-eye and we are then  blessed with channeled teachings from Master Jesus.


21st Weekly reset audio
00:00 / 45:36

Today was a Spring Equinox journey of releasing and planting, co-creating with the Divine and Sacred earth. Have a note book and pen handy.


Spring Equinox WR 23 audio
00:00 / 1:03:27

We begin with a gentle 'rubbing out' of tensions, pressures, limitations.  Then our guardian angels take us on a journey of activation and awareness.  We then come back to the body, receiving nourishment and healing throughout, particularly becoming aware of the eyes, kidneys and womb space.


25th WR audio
00:00 / 48:26

In this session we do a thorough energy cleanse, connecting and cleansing each of the 7 main chakras. We then ask the Reiki masters to balance the pairs of chakras for greatest harmony and we finish with waves of coloured healing energy specifically tailored for each of us individually, all set to theta wave inducing music. 17/04/24

Music by Silencio Music

26th WRchakra healing with Theta waves
00:00 / 54:54

Tonight we connect with Life-force energy and the red/orange energy of the Hara to energise and enliven. We are also treated to the aligning and peaceful energies of the crystal Toumerite. Angels then place their healing 'hands' upon us and white light comes through our crown chakras. Then, for a further cleanse and boost Reiki Masters join our session and deliver healing directly to the head, heart and Hara for balance and wellness. To finish we 'try on' four sacred geometry shapes and sense the effects on our energy systems. Which one do you prefer? Music by Silencio Music  08/05/24

meditation with Reiki, angels, crystals, sacred geometry to bring nourishment and realignment to your energy system positively impacting your mind and bod
00:00 / 44:25

Tonight we let go of energy that does not serve us and is not ours. We connect deeply with the Earth and her fiery energies, and reconnect with health in our cells. AA Michael cuts cords to continue the cleansing process before we play with colours to energise.

Music by Silencio Music; a Theta beat, see more here:


30th WR reigniting our inner shine audio
00:00 / 49:04

We rest into nature sounds and imagine a gentle space in the middle of a meadow, calling upon Mother Earth to restore and re-balance us. 12/06/24

32nd WR nature space audio
00:00 / 37:30

Simple light filled meditation using a card from each of these decks: Tony Christie's Labyrinth Wisdom cards & Kyle Gray's Gateway of Light Activation cards The START card from the Labyrinth cards indicates confidence for a new way of being/living. The HATHOR LIGHT CODES card invites Light codes to enlighten our energy. Music by Silencio Music. 10/07/24

34th WR Hathor light codes audio
00:00 / 41:17

This meditation grounds and connects us as always.  Then, in connection with the April full moon energies still present, we travel to the Great Pyramid in Egypt for intuition activation, all set to theta wave inducing music. 24/04/24

Music by Silencio Music

27th WR: Egyptian pyramid meditation
00:00 / 42:19

We use the breath to connect with life force energy, ground the mind and bring healing through our hands into the body and chakras. We close with colours for peace, vibrancy and calm. Music by Silencio Music


29th WR healing to the body audio
00:00 / 45:20

Tonight's short meditation: we let go of energy that does not serve us and is not ours, and reconnect to our inner radiance. AA Michael cuts cords to continue the cleansing process.

Music by Silencio Music; a Theta beat, see more here:


31st WR short radiance session audio
00:00 / 22:30

This week's meditation (on a hot night!) was all about allowing the breath to roll like waves, bringing ease, before going on a little beach journey with a visit from a mystical sea creature.

Music by Silencio Music; a Theta beat, see more here:


33rd WR sea scape
00:00 / 41:14

An angelic journey to nourish and remind us of the love that we deserve, as resistances are released from our energy bodies. 17/07/24

35th WR angelic journey audio
00:00 / 43:25
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