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Immunity Boosting Aura Spray  for £13

An aura spray made with ‘high vibration’ water, crystal chips and essential oils, helping to cleanse and protect your energy, boosting your immune system and helping to stave off ‘bugs’ in a ‘sick’ room.

Age range:

from approx 10 --99+ years old


How to use:

Shake well and spray overhead 3 times AND

You can also use it in rooms/cars/workspace  to  help cleanse the room of illness.  Ideal when you feel that everyone around you is poorly or that you feel you’re ill rather a lot.

Use as often as you wish.


About the blend:

The water is charged with Reiki and Angelic Reiki.  Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz infuse the water with their energy, along with the powerful vibrations of positive words, all  while the Full Moon imparts her magic.  The water is then charged with TOLPAKAN TM  energy.  Once the water is full of light, I add Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils and a few crystal chips.


Essential oils used & relevant properties:

Tea Tree is one of the ‘go-to’ oils for the immune system; it has properties that mean it kills or fights fungus, bacteria, viruses and other microbes, whilst boosting our own bodily defences.

Lavender  is THE stress busting oil for the nervous system. If we decrease our response to stress we are much better able to regain and maintain health.




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