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Wow; it was a beautiful and BIG week, thank you!


Thank you for signing up to join these live events, here are the replays. It's been a lot of fun  and I'd love to know what you got out of it...please do message me back; I'd love to hear about your experiences.

These replays will be up until 9th November, then you'll only be able to access them from within the Membership Hub.


These events were a chance for you to experience the group gatherings that are a regular and 'normal' part of our amazing and nurturing Your Gentle Space Membership.  The Weekly Resets allow you to release, align and nourish each week.  While the Energy Clearing and Healing session (called Cleanse and Heal) are all about clearing all that difficult and stagnant energy, before realigning you to where you wish to be (chose to be) and nourishing you in that state!

I write this, Thursday morning and am still affected by the magic of last nights session; it was big; (and thank you to those of you who shared what you needed help clearing), we cleared lots of layers of energy.


When you click on the Cleanse and Heal replay, remembering that you could access this type of healing every single month if you joined our membership, you'll get to clear energy around confidence, self belief and imposter syndrome (this one can be a big aspect for those who have their own businesses or believe it was a fluke to have landed the job of your dreams).

PLUS energy connected with relationships; this is where expectations/ disappointments can obscure what's actually happening.

PLUS you'll join us in clearing layers around money blocks; this one is always a big piece; particularly in our current world.  I shared small tips to help align you towards abundance-thinking and feeling and the Law of Assumption.


PLUS you'll clear layers connected with Health healing; this was an interesting piece to explore too; how many of us have/do feel at the mercy of our health?  Does that resonate with you, how we push away the area/ thing that needs most care within us? It's a signpost to say "I need more love/attention/respect etc here".

How did you find having a specific 'date' to be with yourself this week?  Imagine that you have this access EVERY week, and that you gift yourself the very necessary time to just BE with yourself.  Particularly as many of us have families, demanding jobs/ own businesses and we already try to take care of ourselves in a myriad ways (gym, art class, choir, dance classes, baths) and that is beautiful, fun and sometimes challenging.


But the Weekly Resets and Cleanse and Heal sessions give back to you in a way that nothing else can replicate because it works with the WHOLE of you in ALL LEVELS; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


And spiritual succour is something that we often place at the bottom of the list in modern times,

yet it is key to all other areas of our lives flowing.

Can you imagine if your energy was zingy with health the impact that would have on your life?? Because your energy is at the core of EVERYTHING that you are; thoughts, feelings, physical self.  We are all energy first. 


If you can get that right, then the rest starts to follow; you'll begin to feel different, and therefore think differently, and then BEHAVE differently;you will become more of yourself; and that is what you are here for.

If you feel it is for you but the head is back-chatting, please understand that the logical part of you will find all the excuses under the sun to stay the same, because change is scary to the subconscious mind; it maps the world by our OLD experiences. 

But you are MORE than that and you DESERVE more than that AND TOGETHER we can start to remap the internal guidance so that you are naturally wired towards expansion, fun, ease, abundance and growth.

Click here to visit the sign up page.

Now, here are your replays:

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