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Gorgeously nourishing grounding & protecting practice

I am releasing a set of videos to help you begin to try out some energy practices. They're simple and effective.

The first video that I want to share with you is simply a practice to nourish your energy, connect you to Mother Earth and the Divine Love, expand and shield your aura and so protect you from so called 'energy vampires'. It's a great way to fill up your energy and keep you feeling resourced all day.

I hear clients saying that they are pulled into the drama of other people's 'stuff' or that they are being pulled out of alignment by current events. This is draining on the energy and can create all sorts of uncomfortable emotions, from concern to fear. Sometimes we can cycle between feeling full of light to feeling in the depths of hopelessness.

And I'd like to ask: Is all that energy yours?

No, will be the answer.

We are absorbent sponges to the energy around us and unless we're adept at energy work, we won't even be aware that we're soaking it up. I had a young client a few months back who was struggling with anxiety. I asked, "How much of this is yours, as a percentage" She came back with "97%"! That's a lot of someone else's energy, to process through your body. No wonder she felt as she did.

Think about it, at the moment a lot people have fear responses around covid related issues, there's a lot of fear in the human consciousness about it all. We tune into that consciousness as soon as we begin to watch things on TV, hear friends talking about it, or even reading this paragraph.

So firstly acknowledging that that's what you feel right now, then that it's not all yours, you can then "return to sender" with love an consciousness. To do that, you literally say " I return this fear to it's sender, with love and consciousness", then turn your thoughts away. Do not seek to make another connection deliberately. Otherwise you'll need to repeat the process! You then use the first video

This first video has been created so that you can go about in the world feeling protected, loved, nourished and grounded. If you have an event to go to where you know you are likely to struggle, do the practices along with me. Maybe save the video to access easily.

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