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Are you hanging on too tightly?

Many of you, I know, are wrestling / coping with challenging situations. Whatever the area, whether family, work or personal, it's never comfortable and we often feel alone in it.

Because of that I am attaching here, a copy of the replay of our first membership gathering from Tuesday night.


Because, during the session we were given the space and opportunity to lay down our burdens, loosen the grip of control and to allow ourselves to helped by an energy force that is greater than ourselves, greater than our human minds can imagine.

It was an invitation to let it go; let go of thinking we know how to solve every aspect of the challenge. Let go of the worry and fear. Let go of the constant focusing on the problem.

This letting go allows space and possibility to come into the situation. It gifts us the feeling of relief, ease, hope.

And doesn't that feel different and better than the trying-to-solve energy, or the feeling of worry, or that freezing energy of fear when we focus on the bleak-future-projection?

When we let go, we allow inspiration in, we allow there to be a different feeling as we navigate the situation. We allow a different outcome into being.

For instance

There has been a situation that I have been wrestling with; actually there's been 2, over this past week or so, but I want to share a little of my experience of the latest one.

I had created something new and put alot of my energy into and could see it's potential for impact and growth, but was scared that no-one else did. And in order for this new thing to work, it needed to be seen to have value, it needed to be engaged with by more than me and the Light Gang!

So, I kept doing the actions that I believed would engage people, whilst clearing my energy, tapping on what was coming up emotionally / energetically for me, always with the aim of getting myself into a better space.

Not a bad thing necessarily as I was doing the work.

But I was coming at it from the view point of fixing, of problem solving and of being 'on-it'! By that I mean thinking about it, worrying, then stepping into hope and assurance, then back into fear all whilst doing the physical steps (setting up web pages, instagram/ facebook/ newsletter etc)

It was bringing up all sorts of really old and tired stories such as not good enough, no one likes me etc. (Gosh that feels vulnerable sharing that, but it's true that I felt that).

So, with my gorgeous tapping/healing buddy Ambuka, we explored this yesterday. I was then able to see all the 'doing' (the constant need to do actions and the worrying) came from an old family pattern which doesn't encourage rest. There was a thought; "if I am doing then I have value" and therefore resting means I am not of value.

Woah- we know that's not a truth; just an idea; a cultural construct. And an unhealthy one at that.

But good to find!

Anyway with some tapping and some energy clearing statements, I was able to get to a point, where I was able to hand over the outcome of this new creation, to the Universe / Source/ the Divine/ The Oneness (whatever your name is for this energy) and genuinely let go. Until that point I had been wrestling it back and forth, unable to completely let go.

Just like when you've done an exam and you hope you've done enough, and the invigilator wants to take your paper but you really want to take it back and double check your work. There's an energetic pull here.

But of course the difference is; you have no choice with the invigilator; the time is done, hand the paper over.

With the Divine; we are encouraged to let go. But we can still wrestle if we want because we have free will.

We have to chose to let go and to trust that something better than what we can construct, is available to us.

Does that make sense? Does that resonate?

I do hope so.

And so my gift for you is the space and the process to let it go; whatever is bothering you, even just a little.

Light and blessings


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