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Do you have a Less-Than voice (aka Comparison Monster)?

Sorry if that image was a little shocking / freaky; I was trying to convey how the comparison monster feels to me; maybe you can relate ?

You may be wondering, quite rightly, why I'm opening with that gambit. Well, later this week, I am blessed to be having a lovely day out at the races; Ladies Day (and it'll be my hubby's birthday, so double celebration). And there's much of this that I am looking forward to, not least the laughs and the stories and connection.


My 'less-than' voice started up again around the subject of outfits. But this time I noticed that the voice didn't stay a voice. The more I worried about how I was going to look; the worse the voice got, until it became the Comparison Monster (hence the image above). It then triggered an age old response of reaching for the sugar; caramelised almonds in this case.

So this morning, having some unexpected spare time, I decided to do some connected /channeled journaling. By this I mean that, as I write, i call in my Light Gang and I seek their support to understand what is going on inside. (this is a new way of working for me, but I love it).

As a reminder, because we do forget; the comparison monster, the 'less-than' voice is seeking to show us where more love and acceptance is needed within ourselves.

Unfortunately the way the voice comes up (for me, anyway) doesn't feel inviting. And so the message gets a bit lost.

It just taps into a stream of self loathing and that leads to all sorts of unhelpful reactions.

For me this tends to look like:

  • negative self talk starts up

  • the body shaming starts up again picking out every aspect that is not perfect

  • disconnection from those around me gets greater as I separate myself

  • reaching for foods that tend to soothe me

How does it show in you?

It's the pits isn't it?!


Remember, all these things are sign posts.

Sign posts to call you back to your truth, your Light.

The last one on my list is a big trigger for me; it's the one that gets me moving into action, back into inner-connection again. It's the one that gets me back on my own side and looks for ways to care for me. (But it didn't used to be like that).

Today, that meant connected journaling.

It could have meant walking and tapping, but that wasn't available to me today, as I'm on hand for my hubby as a brickies-mate (I know, glamorous)!

It could mean meditating.

Lifting weights at the gym.


Energy Clearing.

Pottering with my plants and enjoying the beauty of a flower.

There are many ways to reconnect with the truth inside.

But as this is a voice that makes me feel so yukky, I decided to chat with it, with support from my Light Gang.

We all have a Light Gang if we choose; who would be in yours?

It can be the energy of anyone past or present, that helps you feel loved or supported.

It can be the energy of your Higher self.

It can be angels, archangels, ascended masters (Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Quan YIn, St Germain etc), Light Beings.

(I've been working with the energies of Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene for few years now. It's not in a religious way, rather a supported guide way, in the forms of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, with higher awareness and more Light. It has been a relationship that has helped me to connect with the Divine aspects within myself; allowing myself to accept them; which in turn gives me courage to share my thoughts, from my heart.)

Today my Higher Self responded to my plea for help, help to clear this horrid monster, by saying this (which I hope will be of help to you):

"You are here to alchemise this. It is not bad that you are experiencing it. That is a judgement. A judgement of an experience, of a feeling.

When we allow ourselves to experience our truths (for it feels true at that time), we become more authentic.

While you see the darkness of the 'comparison monster'; you are not noticing the Light that has highlighted it. The Light of Love.

It is not about getting rid of the 'comparison monster'; it's about loving it for showing up. It is a guide to where else you do not yet love"

And Mary Magdalene suggests that when this happens:

"You take care of you. You do the things that make you feel good. Things that make you feel alive and happy. That reconnect you to your Light".

When we do this, the monster backs off; it's made its point.

There's no need to get heavy anymore!

You are reconnected to your Truth; your Light.

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