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In need of some magic, love and care?

October is synonymous with magic; but this isn't the scary kind, it's the care-y kind!

From the middle of October, you'll find mini videos shared to Instagram and Facebook that share small, but effective practices to help you become more centered, focused, present and Light-filled.

Then from 23rd October I will be hosting LIVE gatherings on Zoom, where you can come along and reap the rewards of some downtime, energy clearing and healing.

Form nourish

On Monday 25th October, we'll do a relaxing and invigorating meditation together; rolling all the small practices shared this week into one deep, loving meditation.  To break this down we'll:

  • calm the mind, so that you can BE present and allow yourself to let go

  • connect with the breath and the body, relaxing and releasing tension

  • ground and connect with Mother Earth, helping to nourish and cleanse your energy

  • connect with the Divine within and around, receiving Light and Love in all aspects of yourself

  • resource your emotional, spiritual and energy bodies, so that you finish feeling nourished, enlivened and fabulous.

Then, the really exciting, magical stuff happens!


The second live gathering is all about calling 'out' the energy that you are in, acknowledging the tension, the frustration and uncomfortability. 
We'll become aware of what it is we say to ourselves about this, the feelings that it brings up, the beliefs that hold it stuck in place and the behaviours that it leads to.

Join us for nourishment!.png

That's a lot.

Yes it is, but it's going on in your energy whether you realise it or not. So we bring it into awareness, together.


This awareness allows a highlighting of the energy behind it. And with the highlighting of the energy we can begin to take it apart and dissolve it.


I will show you how to do this, so you can begin to use this on your own too.


Once the energy has been cleared up around each theme; we will clear the blocks to what it is you are desiring instead.  We do this so that the path to where you want to be, what you desire to be, is even more aligned to you (and vice versa) and therefore more easily manifested. 


This healing is for YOU.

And I want to make this even more clear; it will be tailored for YOU.

So bring what is bothering you to the gathering and share it with me.  Only by doing this can I support you towards your goal, your desire and to full alignment.

And it's all happening on Wednesday 25th October at 7pm.  We'll be together for 1hr or so.


I have to say this the most exciting one, because we get to clear out the cr@p and we ALWAYS nourish ourselves by connecting consciously to Divine Love and Light allowing it to flow within and around us, topping us up with wonderful feelings and a sense of being supported, loved and appreciated.  And that does feel magical.


Can't make it live?

Although joining us live is the BEST way to experience this, it's not the only way.  Recordings will be sent out to those who sign up.


It's all free and my hope is that you benefit gloriously from it!

Use the form above to sign up for the LIVES.

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