Energy Healing

What is energy healing and how can it help you?

Before I answer that, there’s two things you need to understand:

Firstly, that everything is made of energy including us. We are affected by many different factors and this in turn affects our health, our sleep patterns, our mental state, moods, emotions, energy levels etc.   

Secondly, that we all have an innate intelligent healing system within us.

So, with this in mind I ask that you suspend disbelief (if, that is indeed where you are) for 5 minutes and allow yourself the gift of possibility.

We have all heard the old saying laughter is the best medicine, right?


Well, what if, by being at a higher vibrational level, our energy systems can help our bodies to heal more quickly?


This is the premise behind various forms of energy healing. 

You may have heard of Reiki- this seems to be the more well known energy healing therapy-  this is where the therapist/ practitioner is a conduit for higher energies (known as the universal life force energy) and he/she allows passage of those energies to their client. 

That energy is then used by the client’s body to work towards balance and harmony (which is the goal that the body is ALWAYS aiming for). 

I, myself, use various forms of energy healing in my sessions, including Reiki, Quantum Touch and Angelic Reiki.  I may also use sound to detect blockages within the client’s energy bodies (by this I mean chakras, layers of the aura etc)  and I often ask clients to chose a crystal or three (if they are so drawn) to really ‘up’ the healing. 

So what to expect

We discuss what it is that’s bothering you physically, emotionally and/or spiritually.  Often, as we speak, clients start to understand the layers behind their issue and this helps us create an intention. 


What’s an intention for? It is so that healing can be directed in the best way for YOU.  It’s an integral part of Quantum Touch (QT) healing and it really helps to focus the energy on the outcome that would be most useful for you.


Once we have got the intention spot on (this is very important, the client needs to resonate with the phraseology of the intention, so that s/he gets the best from the session), the client would usually lay on the couch, fully clothed.  They may have crystals of their choice or not, depending on their preference. 


Once there, I cover them with a blanket as this helps most people to feel safer and so they relax further.  Relaxation is very important to the body- while it is stressed it cannot heal itself, when it is relaxed it can start to repair/heal itself.

Healing is channelled for 1 hour. 

I move between working in the energy fields around the client and placing my hands directly upon the body, depending on what needs addressing.


I mostly use the techniques of QT which involves the amplification of the energy by keeping my own energy ‘up’ and by using variations of breathing techniques, though I channel Reiki and often use the symbols associated with Reiki to clear and power up the energy too. 

I usually ask Angels to join us and also request Ascended Master energy.  If this would be uncomfortable/ offensive to you, this aspect of energy does not need to come in; it’s your healing time.

You do not need to do anything during the session; just relax. 

Once the channelling is finished you lay still for a few moments and allow yourself to come round- you may initially feel heavy for a few moments but this passes quickly. 


You will be offered a glass of water.

What can energy healing help? 

The short answer is everything, in some way! However, just to give you an idea of its scope, I have used it with clients to:

  • realign skeletal structure (spines, hips, knees)

  • eliminate/reduce pain; muscular, neurological, joint (even arthritis)

  • clear chronic headaches

  • ease symptoms associated with MS

  • find clarity and emotional peace

  • increase vision

  • find their truth and stand in their own space

  • cleanse and re-energise chakras

  • reconnect aspects of the self that had been separated

Energy healing is not limited to the above, and even if it cannot heal the issue, it gives the client more mental/emotional space so that the issue doesn’t feel as pressing or as large.

There is further information below on each of the modalities used, should you wish to know more.