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Tapping Scripts

As with all tapping scripts, please adjust the wordings to suit your thoughts, feelings or beliefs. Use them as tools to help you deal with what is troubling you around food and your behaviour.

Remember to take a score out of ten (we call it a SUDs level; Subjective Unit of Distress) before you start, ten being as high as it can get and zero being no distress), then take another at the end.  It'll help you understand how far you have come and if there is still more tapping to do. If the score is above a two; keep going!


How to tap

The need to weigh myself

Food means so much to me

Food instead of emotions


The habit of that craving

Leaving food on my plate

Being ok with facing buried feelings

Trusting what my body wants

Trusting that this programme will work for me

Rebellious Eating

Missing out on that food

Feeling Overwhelmed

Fear Of Change

Trusting the 'no rules' around food

Trusting that this programme will work for you

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