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Blue and gold etherealimage with the words Energy Clearing Meditations written in glowing gold acros
Energy Clearing & Realignment Meditation Group;
aided by Angels, Ascended Masters and other Light Beings
These Energy Clearing & Realignment Meditations are a wonderful way to shift the heaviness of old beliefs, thoughts emotions and stories  and come back to yourself, refocusing your mind and your body, giving yourself a huge energetic boost that helps you reconnect with the truth of who you are! 

This group is for those who love or are interested in energy healing and meditation and also have a spiritual focus. 

Each session is guided by Claire and aided by Angels, Ascended Masters and Light Beings, always for your highest good, whether you perceive them or not. 

The intention for each gathering is to move towards releasing what is weighing us down, that which makes us feel less than and what ever is blocking us as we move forward.
Since October 2020, there has been a shift in energy and I have been guided to lead the group through a deeper energy cleansing style of meditation, where we clear all aspects of ourselves that are caught up energetically in beliefs/stories/feelings from our current lives and also from our ancestral time lines and our past lives. 

This is much more than a meditation, it is an Energy Healing and we, as humanity, are so blessed to have this opportunity at this unique time. 

And because of this, these Energy Clearing and Realignment Meditations have a far reaching effect on you as you go about your life.  With each de-layering and realignment your real self starts to becomes more present, brighter, stronger; s/he is less hidden by the feelings or thoughts that have been holding you back, weighing you down or getting in your way. Any time you feel that you are less than in some way is a signpost that there's healing to be received. These meditations bring that healing in. 


Each month we have a theme to clear around, in a meditative state with the support and love of Angels we release the pain/thoughts/beliefs.  Once we have released, we refill ourselves with sensations and feelings such as love, connection, empowerment, strength, vitality, happiness, gratitude, a deep and abiding love for the truth of who we are; our complete selves.  We are filled with the love and appreciation of the Divine, or Angels and Light Beings; the clearing meditations are deeply healing and deeply spiritual. 

The Energy Clearing & Realignment meditations are run online via Zoom and on UK time, the link will be sent via email to you. 

This is a Pay from the Heart gathering.  This means that you literally pay what you feel you can give.  I recommend a contribution of around £10/15, and a minimum contribution of £5 if you are struggling financially at this time. 
In case you are unsure what to offer, most meditation gatherings cost £10-25 per session and energy healing starts at £40.
A recording will be provided for you to download, for a limited time, so if you can't join us live you may still have access at Pay from the Heart donation. 

All payments go towards the cost of Zoom and advertising fees and any remaining serves as a contribution for my time, focus and energy and is humbly received with great appreciation.  If you can afford to give more, please do, it helps to offset those who cannot. If you wish to purchase previous Energy Clearing Meditations, they can be found here
Deadline for booking is 6pm the day before the meditation, if it's a morning meditation.  If it's an evening meditation, then midday on the day of the meditation. 

How to book:
It's a two step process. 
1st: Donate using this button, that goes to my paypal link.   
 (If you prefer not to pay via paypal, please ask for details using the blue email link at the bottom)

2nd: email me here:  

This is to let me know you've booked and what your name is.  The email address will be used to send the zoom link to, once the booking deadline is reached.  Please check your spam folder, with some accounts, the email will land in there. If you haven't received it, please let me know no later than 1 hour before the meditation.  

Any questions, please use this email link: 

An email containing the Zoom link and replay link will be sent out at around 6-6.15pm the night before the meditation.  If you signed up just before the 6pm deadline the email may be quite a bit later.  The reason for this is that I schedule the email ahead of time and my work load for that day impacts my access to the pc.  I will, however, always check for sign ups before I finish for the evening.

Reconnecting to your Inner Radiance. 

This will be the theme of this month's Energy Realignment Meditation. Over the last 8 months we've done a lot of clearing and because we also have the Summer solstice this month, it feels important to focus on connecting to that amazing light within us, to clear any energetic debris that stand between us and our aliveness, our vibrancy, our purpose, our greatness and to realign to all of that good feeling stuff, to that high vibrational truth, to remind ourselves that we are more than the day to day humdrum!

So that's the plan!

If that appeals to your heart (mine does a little leap of excitement at the idea!) then please join me on Fri 18th June at 9.30am- 10.40. As always the Angels will guide us and will also infuse our hearts with the love that we need, helping us to perceive how very special each and every one of us is, to the Divine and to the whole. What a great way to start the day! 

Remember to book in plenty of time!​  Deadline: Thursday 17th at 6pm. 

Here's the calendar for the 2021 Energy Clearing & Realignment Meditations, times are UK based.  More dates to follow
May 21st Theme: Grief, Loss and Abandonment
June 18th at 9.30am Reconnecting to your Inner Radiance
July TBC
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