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Is life leaving you feeling lost, confused or dissatisfied?

You’re a sensitive woman and you’ve experienced some challenging events in your life and probably a less-than-ideal childhood.


You survived and on paper, life ‘should’ bring a sense of contentment.

But recently, you’re struggling to feel any real sense of peace or happiness within it; it’s like a light has gone out inside and a heaviness has risen up and left confusion, overwhelm and exhaustion in its wake.

light has dimmed, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, lost, confused, sad, crisis, anger, who-am-i?, missing joy

You’d really love to feel full of vitality and joy again, to act spontaneously and feel the beautiful blessings in your life again.


And even though, right now,  this probably feels out of reach, I want to reassure you; it is possible, really.


I’m Claire Williams and I used to feel this way too.

In 2011, I lost my light.

Feeling confused, lost and messy-on-the-inside, I struggled with a profound sense of disconnection. It was like the playful and happy person I used to be had vanished, replaced by a miserable and very stressed version of me that cried most days and wasn't easy to be around. 

Since then, I've embarked on a dedicated journey of self-discovery, and education; immersing myself in various powerful healing modalities. You can learn more about my journey and training on my 'About Me' page.



Through my own healing process and my dedicated work with hundreds of clients, I've not only witnessed, but actively facilitated, the transformative power of reconnecting with one's inner light, gaining clarity, and sense of happiness and fulfillment.

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We all deserve to live a life that feels good to us and sometimes we need a little help to do that.


And because a healing journey takes time, I’d love to share with you one of the first steps that I use with my clients.  The intention of this first step (because healing is not instant) is to just bring some soothing, ease and relaxation to your mind and body. This creates a bit of space inside. And once that space is opened, it will then become possible to see what the next step might be.

To access this, click here.


If you are wondering if my approach is really going to work for you, let me explain in detail, who I help and what situations I am best with.

Click here to navigate there now. 

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