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Are difficult feelings impacting your life?

You are not alone; many people, young and older, struggle with how they feel too, but that doesn’t help you feel less sad, less angry, less isolated or less anxious.

You probably feel like you’re just getting through life and it’s heavy, tense and so draining. You’re always on the look-out, bracing against the next dark thought-cycle and the painful feelings.  You don’t share how you feel anymore because no one seems to really get it and you’re worried that they’re sick of hearing about it, so you keep it to yourself; trying to hide your pain as you endure day after day.  You persevere, becoming more frustrated and disconnected from yourself and your friends and loved ones. 


You’ve tried a variety of ways to solve this problem but it always leads you back to this awkward and very lonely place, feeling disappointed, again. Sometimes don’t see the point of being here anymore.

It’s a difficult and sometimes dark place to be. Maybe you use food or other soothers to help quell the feelings and thoughts.

I hear you.

And I want you to know that I have worked with many people who have felt just like this BUT no longer do. 

They have found the connection to themselves and life feels good again, really good.

Want to know more?


I'm Claire from Your Soul Energy and I am so glad that you are here. I have helped many people who struggle with difficult feelings and have a meditation that can help you begin to touch into soothing this place;  I’d love to share it with you, plus some tips and techniques to help your body and mind begin to feel safe. Click here to access this. 

Want to find out if you really can benefit from the emotional wellbeing work that I do with clients?  Then click here to see if this resonates with what’s going on for you.

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