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Are struggling with difficult feelings ?

Is there a gap between how you want to feel & how you actually feel?

Right now there's a sense of struggle, of 'trying', there's a sense of separateness from where you want to be, what you want to feel; you can't seem to get there. 

And the emotions keep coming up; leaving you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, sad; out of kilter.

Instead of all that. you want to feel and experience:

happiness          ease

peace                 joy

self love & acceptance

clarity                focus

playfulness        sense of lightness

inspiration        enthusiasm

freedom            connection

I get it.

You've tried solving it with your mind; telling yourself to focus on the positives, telling yourself you'll be OK, telling yourself to think about something else instead.

Or maybe you have a sense that you need to 'fix' this, or change that and it will all be different; you'll feel good again, aligned again, happy again.

It has affected your confidence.

There's a sense that you can't do it or that you're just not good enough in some way, or in all the ways.

Maybe you soothe that internal disquiet with food, or alcohol, games on your phone or something else.

Maybe you've tried a variety of techniques or strategies but eventually you end up back to where you started, believing / feeling that there's something wrong with you; compounding the difficult feelings and decreasing confidence; nothing is resolved, if anything it feels worse.

it's hard work.png

I hear you.

I used to be like you.

And it was hard. Really hard.

And, I also want you to know that I have worked with many, many people who have felt just like you, but no longer do.

The gap that I mentioned at the beginning, no longer exists for them.

Through our work together they have found a connection to themselves, healed the cause of their difficult feelings and thoughts, and life feels good again; really good.

Does that spark hope within you?


That spark is your heart speaking to you. and it's guiding you towards something different, something that helps you feel seen and heard, something that truly nourishes you, and helps you towards what you really desire.

Before we explore further, I'd love to share with you, a simple, effective and soothing practice that has helped many relax their minds and emotions, allowing ease and space to be created within. 

With regular practice that gap you feel, will begin to be bridged, helping your mind, body and energy align with the person that you know you are meant to be.  Click here to access it now.

Now, let's explore how you can really benefit from my truly holistic (mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic) well-being work that I facilitate, then click here.

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