Claire Williams   

Your Soul Energy

Energy Healer - Clinical Hypnotherapist - Life Coach -  Reflexologist

Specialising in Emotional & Mental Well-being and Behaviour Change.

Reiki Master/Teacher, Advanced EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner (incl. Birth Reimprinting), NLP Practitioner, Advanced Reflexologist, Quantum Touch Practitioner (incl. Self Created Health),  Kinetic Shift Practitioner, Aromatherapist,  & Angelic Reiki Practitioner.     SMACCPH, MCThA, MGoE, DBS certified.


I am Claire and this is Your Soul Energy.

My aim is to help you feel better, healthier, freer, more relaxed and closer to who you truly are... rediscovering your bright shiny self! So if you are struggling with how you feel and want to create a life that nourishes you while loving yourself fully, then I can help you. 


We can begin a journey of self discovery, or deal with an issue that is hampering you, or perhaps some down-time is all you need.  Below is a graphic to give you some idea of the scope. Whatever your wish, there is a way to help you achieve it.


We can do this via a range of techniques such as Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting (including Birth Reimprinting) and Kinetic Shift; these are sometimes known as Energy Psychology techniques as they work with the subconscious mind and the fight/flight/freeze responses. 

I also offer a more passive way of coming into balance via Energy Healing and Reflexology (for all, including maternity, fertility and women with hormonal imbalances, PMS, disrupted menstrual cycles peri-menopause and menopause).

Within these therapies I work intuitively, tuning into the energies of the body and try to communicate with the areas that feel discordant, clear the energy and revitalise them, so that they respond to the body's natural healing response..... It's all about Your Energy!!

If you are interested in aromatherapy based items such as Aura Sprays to help you feel like a Goddess,  or anti-anxiety spray "Reassuringly Calm" then take a look at my shop page. 

There's also some free resources, so please, utilise them for your best health. There'll you'll also find my subscribe form, and when you subscribe you get a free MP3 Hypnosis for Confidence and Empowerment.


Have a look around and if you have questions or would like to book an appointment, please get in contact.

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APRIL '21  UPDATE: All therapies are now available, although Tapping Circles are only online

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