A Therapies Overview...to help you decide

The Therapies that I offer can be divided into various categories, and although the page

'How Can I help?' gives you a better of idea which therapy works best with which issue, this page is an basic overview of what you can expect from each type of therapy.

The Energy Psychology techniques tap into the brain, accessing the subconscious and also the energy of the body.  The aim is emotional and mental well being and behaviour change (if appropriate for you).  We access the old patterns and beliefs that we hold, and we cab then break the unhelpful cycles and start to install, new helpful behaviours.  This is life changing stuff as we work together to release whatever is getting in your way of a healthy, happy life. 
I tend to blend EFT with Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Kinetic Shift, NLP and sometimes Hypnotherapy.
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The Energy Healing techniques are those that are done over clothing and are about healing energies either being passed to you or activating your own intelligent healing energy. I now only offer a mix of energy healing modalities, rather than offering them separately as most clients aren't sure which is most suitable for their situation, and this will ensure you get all you need. 
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The Hands-on therapies are those that, via human touch, we can begin to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Freedom from Emotional Eating programme; a 6 week programme to combat emotional eating and enable you to create helpful/supportive ways of dealing with how you feel rather than smothering the feelings with food.  There is NO judgement here; this programme came about because of my own experience and the realisation that I was not the only one who struggled. 
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Life Coaching specialising in Emotional Well Being and Behaviour Change
I offer coaching packages for various of issues including Weight Management, Stress, Work/Life Balance and Building Confidence .  My specialism is Emotional Well-being, particularly if you feel the issues you are experiencing now are as a result of your childhood/your past.  I use a variety of techniques in order to help you stop the sabotaging behaviour and achieve the goal you have in mind.  I offer 3 session packages and 6 session packages. 
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