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So, your young person is struggling

It's hard as a parent to see your child, no matter how old they are, struggling with difficult feelings, stress or unable to be themselves. I can help. 

Without getting too technical, the EFT soothes the emotional brain (also called the limbic system or reptilian brain), lets the brain/body know that it is safe, releases tension and starts to 'unhook' the powerful feelings from the child, allowing the child to be themselves again.

Depending on the age of the child, we would use a combination of tapping (EFT), with drawing or for teens just the tapping. If the child wants to bring a favourite soft toy that can help too.  Younger children offer their feelings through their favourite toy and so we can use the toy in the tapping practice.  

Children from 0-7: I would work with the main caregiver rather than the child directly. This is because at a young age a child is acting as a sponge for all that goes on around him/her. By working via the parent (for instance, mum) the tension releases through the parent and we can then start to work surrogately on the child.  This may sound mad or impossible to effect change this way, but it is quite common in the EFT/Matrix Reimprinting world to work this way.  There is a testimonial on this page from a mum of a daughter of 2 years old who had serious problems having a poo, she was on medication and was being treated at a local hospital.  The problem was resolved with surrogate tapping.

Children 8-18: For younger children, I ask that parents stay close to the child while we work together, so that a sense of safety remains.  For older children and teens I ask that a parent accompanies the child, but once the consultation form is done, that they wait in another room; giving the child the ability to speak freely, but knowing that they have a parent nearby. 

If you have any questions at all please get in contact using the form here. I am happy to have a chat with you about what your child is struggling with and how I can help.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: £60

Frequency of sessions: most young people only need 2 maybe 3 sessions and the issue is resolved.  I usually recommend that we do this at weekly intervals.

Things to know before you book:

First visit: The first session will last 1 hour longer than the labelled time and costs £10 more; this is for the consultation.


Cancellation policy: There is a 24 hour cancellation notice requirement for all treatments, otherwise a 50% fee will be incurred.


How to pay:

In person sessions: payment can be made via Cash, Card or BACS. Receipts are given.
​Online sessions: payment must be made upon booking, appointment is not confirmed until payment is received.  Payments can be made via BACS- an invoice will be sent via email.  The appointment slot will only be held for 24 hrs following the invoice being sent. 


To book a call to discuss your needs or ask questions, please click here


"Thank you Claire Williams of Your Soul Energy. The worst pain you can feel is watching your child go through the same thing as you and not knowing how to help. I really recommend tapping with Claire for anyone who’s children are like Thomas suffering from grief and also the affects of lockdown (Thomas really suffered too) x Tapping and pictures has helped Thomas to remember Grandad without feeling angry or overwhelmed. Thank you." CF, Sible Hedingham

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