Energy Clearing Meditations

These are meditations with a difference.  With the guidance and aid of Angels and Light Beings we are able to release stuck/frozen aspects of ourselves from this life time, as well as past lives and active themes from our ancestral time line.  To find out more, please click here.

Aromatherapy-Based and Energy-Infused Aura Sprays

Each aura spray begins with an essential oil or a blend of essential oils in order to 'perform' a certain task. The aim is to help soothe, balance and harmonise your mind, your emotions and your body.  
The oils are then added to high vibration water.  This is because at a fundamental level we ARE energy, and so we are affected to a greater or lesser extent by vibrations/ frequencies.  So the Aura Sprays are 'charged' with high vibrational 'technologies', some of which are natural, such as the energy of the Full Moon, Reiki, Angels, Crystals and some are created such as the high light-emitting frequency technology called TOLPAKAN TM 
A few crystal chips are added and then all that's needed is a good  shake to distribute the oils and spray above your head, in a room or in your car to cleanse heavy energies or vibes (such as after a row, when feeling below par or when you are struggling with something that a specific aura spray can shift) and lift the spirits.
And best of all they smell Divine!

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The sprays are a very popular choice when I sell them at Mind, Body & Soul events and they are also stocked at the Crystal Shack in Maldon, Essex.  Pop along to test them out for yourself! I also use them within my therapeutic practice.

I am pleased to say that the range has just increased with two new sprays.  To find out more details about them, just click:

  • CONTINUOUSLY POPULAR Goddess; helping to balance the hormones, alleviate depression and anxiety and remind you just how DIVINE you really are

  • Rose; to engender self love and compassion and help closed hearts open back up and heal from grief

  • Neroli; uplifting and soothing for the emotions, helps ease symptoms of depression

  • Immunity Boosting; stress busting and immunity boosting, with antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties

  • Children's: soothing, calming and uplifting.  Great for shifting bad moods. 


All sprays are made to order, usually within 5 working days and can be posted out to addresses within the UK:

One spray= postage is an additional £3.95 

Two+ sprays = postage is an additional £4.95  

Orders over £50 = free delivery 

To order email me here and let me know what you would like to purchase and I will send you payment details, usually within 24 hours. Your order will be processed once payment has been received.