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Recordings of Monthly Cleanse & Heal Gatherings

For the 'lives' zoom link click here.

Recordings will take up to 24 hrs to be uploaded.

The most recent recordings will be at the top of the page.

There will be a video, and below that, an audio file.  Please note the audio files are compressed in order to be able to upload them, this means that the quality may not be as clear as the video sounds.

You can use this page either to go to the specific month that you missed, or to chose the video/audio specifically because of what it clears. The choice is yours, and remember you can repeat as often as it suits you.

May Cleanse and Heal audio
00:00 / 1:15:15

May's Cleanse and Heal

In this months energy clearing, we begin with some physical movement to help shift the energy in the body and to help us connect to the breath in the body. Then, we go deep to clear energy around the topic of overthinking about the past, which brings up energy around not forgiving ourselves, self punishment, pain in the body and creating fertile soil in which to plant our new blooms.

We finish with an invigorating meditation to celebrate Beltane with a fire of transformation as the wise women celebrate and cherish us.

April Cleanse & Heal audio
00:00 / 1:19:01

April's Cleanse and Heal

We began with some simple kundalini and energy clearing practices to clean and expand the aura.

Then we used the alchemical fire of the pelvic bowl to:

-clear energy patterns around: self sabotage by creating problems or chaos when things are going well

-the pattern of struggling

-self doubt when offering something from the heart to the outside world and inner child triggers related to this

-resistance to creative flow

The angels cleared the internal wiring for this and and then installed feelings of kindness, trust, safety, love, joy, play, connection, expression.

March's Cleanse and Heal

This month we practice tapping and breathing to bring peace and relaxation to the body and mind. We participate in a small but effective visualisation technique to reduce anger, bit by bit. We then journey into the chambers of our hearts to be nourished by the Divine, finally stepping into a beautiful garden and remembering 3 things we are thankful for.

March Cleanse and Heal audio
00:00 / 1:05:25

February's Cleanse and Heal

Limitations, finding balance, tricky parenting, apathy and allowing ourselves to become the women that we are becoming.  

The Energy Clearing also delivered messages to individuals; wisdom that we can all appreciate for ourselves at some time/level.

We powered up the chakra energy allowing a greater sense of self value, creativity, empowerment and courage as we co-create with the Divine.

Feb cleanse and heal audio
00:00 / 1:28:10
Jan 24 Cleanse and Heal audio(1)
00:00 / 1:44:26

January's Cleanse and Heal

A very profound gathering with lots of clearing/decoding and re-coding, particularly around control issues, limiting our potential and limiting who we are because of other's possible judgements.  Mary Magdalene (MM) and Master Jesus (MJ), lead us through a lower body journey. MM honouring the journey of our Divine Feminine, MJ inviting us to connect with the Divine Masculine and both moving us towards alignment, balance and our full potential; releasing all that limits that.  We also had healing energy focused into our knees too! A truly beautiful and light filled session, with sharings from Liz and Anna who joined the live.

December's Cleanse and Heal

This month saw connection to healing energy via Reiki and Quantum Touch.  Angels provided healing directly to all who listen/watch this, for their needs.  We nourished with love, light, joy, abundance, safety and so much more.  A gentle session, which allows a lot of rest.

December Cleanse & Heal audio
00:00 / 57:26
November Cleanse and Heal audio
00:00 / 1:17:27

November's Cleanse and Heal

This month we cleared energies around exhaustion, brain fog and nervous activation.

Then we moved towards anxiety and pressure relating to work, decision making and stuckness,

We then looked at physical issues represented by sore eyes and issues with ears, self talk, before moving to global energy of anxiety, angst and anger.

We moved into regeneration with Divine White Light, creating a sense of peace and ease, light-filled and empowered.  Making choices with discernment and clairty.

In October's Cleanse and Heal we start with a couple of Kundalini Energy Clearing practices.

We then clear energy around overwhelm, trying and doing (and the limitations we place upon ourselves).

Then Mary Magdalene leads us out of this world and onto another planet to show us what is possible with love.


October cleanse and heal audio
00:00 / 1:16:13

In September's cleanse and heal I begin by giving you an energy clearing tool to clear sentences/thoughts/beliefs that come up for you.

We then go deep into finding quality time for ourselves, allowing ourselves time for what makes us feel good.  

We then look at self limiting energies and clearing a layer of those so that we can start to be who we want to be.  And we then go deep on self blame/ self forgiveness, before closing the session with a big recalibration to magical, fun, love and full potential.

Cleanse and heal sept 23 audio
00:00 / 1:22:19

Grounding, cleansing our energies. Then Clearing the energies around fear of authority, consequences, worry for others, shock and loss, loss of momentum and creativity, feeling of stuckness, fear of lack, letting go of old identities.

With extra clearings guided by Mary Magdalene, Master Jesus and Quan YIn. Topping up with nourishing, light and love filled energy.

August Cleanse and Heal Audio
00:00 / 1:25:52

The first Cleanse and Heal gathering.

We ground and connect above and below, before moving through and starting to shift the energies of anger, frustration, with patterns of lack and staying small. And nourishing with Divine Love and safety.

July Cleanse and Heal audio
00:00 / 1:08:10
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