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Recordings of Monthly Cleanse & Heal Gatherings

For the 'lives' zoom link click here.

Recordings will take up to 24 hrs to be uploaded (up to 48hrs for the audio, due to compression of large files)

There will be a video, and below that, an audio file.  Please note the audio files are compressed in order to be able to upload them, this means that the quality may not be as clear as the video sounds.

You can use this page either to go to the specific month that you missed, or to chose the video/audio specifically because of what it clears. The choice is yours, and remember you can repeat as often as it suits you.

The first Cleanse and Heal gathering.

We ground and connect above and below, before moving through and starting to shift the energies of anger, frustration, with patterns of lack and staying small. And nourishing with Divine Love and safety.

July Cleanse and Heal audio
00:00 / 1:08:10

Grounding, cleansing our energies. Then Clearing the energies around fear of authority, consequences, worry for others, shock and loss, loss of momentum and creativity, feeling of stuckness, fear of lack, letting go of old identities.

With extra clearings guided by Mary Magdalene, Master Jesus and Quan YIn. Topping up with nourishing, light and love filled energy.

August Cleanse and Heal Audio
00:00 / 1:25:52

In September's cleanse and heal I begin by giving you an energy clearing tool to clear sentences/thoughts/beliefs that come up for you.

We then go deep into finding quality time for ourselves, allowing ourselves time for what makes us feel good.  

We then look at self limiting energies and clearing a layer of those so that we can start to be who we want to be.  And we then go deep on self blame/ self forgiveness, before closing the session with a big recalibration to magical, fun, love and full potential.

Cleanse and heal sept 23 audio
00:00 / 1:22:19
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