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Quantum Touch


Quantum Touch is a form of energy healing founded by Richard Gordon in America in the 80's.  By using the life force energy that is all around us, we (the practitioners) raises our vibrations through specialised breathing techniques and focussing on universal love. Then, using a loving intention, we send that higher energy vibration to the client. The healer (the person being healed) entrains to the higher vibration (rather like when someone has walked into the same space as us and is super happy and we pick up and flow with that happiness).  The healing of the condition is achieved by focusing the intention in a loving positive way towards a good/best outcome.  The speed of the healing is determined by the healer's (client) own body intelligence and factors surrounding the condition.


The conditions/situations it can be used to treat encompass a wide range from skeletal/structural issues (misaligned hips, joint pain, back issues, arthritis) through to one's own outlook on life, helping you find your own voice and confidence and self belief to move forward.  Some testimonials relating the experiences of others are posted below for you to read.  I myself have used QT to get rid of persistent headaches, sore joints after a heavy class at the gym and getting my printer to accept non-branded ink cartridges! (yes, really!!) I

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" I cannot thank Claire enough for introducing me to Quantum Touch. Before QT I was struggling to manage the muscular and neurological pain from my cervical spondylitis but thanks to Claire I am now pain free.

Claire has helped me with a number of troublesome conditions which I expected to live with for the rest of my life;

I was born with astigmatism in both eyes and rapid eye movements caused by this made reading difficult. I asked Claire to see if QT could help and was amazed at the instant results. My vision is now clearer, words no longer jump around the page and reading is becoming a pleasure.I have had a irritation in my spine, a tense area which triggered crippling spasms during which my legs would give way. A neurologist diagnosed hyper flexive nerves and MRI scans showed degeneration. Asking Claire to apply QT to this area I felt my rib age realign and settle in my spine with a crunch, although Claire did not physically touch me, I have had no more problems from this area.

As a result of driving lorries for many years I have been plagued with tinnitus. The hearing specialist recommended a white noise machine, which i found uncomfortable. Following previous success with other issues Claire and I decided to try QT. My tinnitus will go with QT but does return at a reduced but bearable level.

I would recommend anyone to see Claire for QT. I was very sceptical when it was suggested to me but even though I didn't believe in alternative therapy the improvement in my health and well being is undeniable. I look forward to QT with Claire as I feel energised and relaxed by the sessions."

W.Mills, Coggeshall

"I was introduced to Claire at a time in my life when I was suffering extreme personal stress. As soon as I first met Claire, it was clear to me that she was a pure soul and very spiritual. At my first session, Claire made me feel at ease and throughout all sessions, treated me with compassion and understanding. As for the treatment, I immediately felt the benefit in that I was more at ease with my situation and could see a path forward. After the treatment, I felt at one with myself, uplifted and ready to face my challenges. I am a firm believer that our paths are chosen for us to follow. My path brought me in contact with Claire and for that I am truly blessed. I would recommend Claire's healing to anyone."

M.Gibbs, Braintree



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