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Moving Forward

This is a blend of Energy Psychology techniques (more on them below) and then completed with Energy Healing to work with your subconscious mind, to release the knee-jerk reactions to 'triggering' situations, allowing you to begin to understand yourself, love yourself and let go of old ways of being and become more resourceful. We begin to communicate with body areas, stuck emotions and energy.

Since struggling with difficult feelings will affect each of us in different ways, a rough over view of what Moving Forward is effective for:

  • difficult feelings such as anxiety, grief, anger

  • self esteem issues

  • stress

  • trauma (including birth trauma)

  • limiting beliefs (such as "I am bad", "I am responsible" etc.)

  • relationship issues (including with ourselves)

  • phobias / fears

  • boundary issues (can't speak your truth, give in to others' needs and ignore your own)

  • mindset shifting

  • clearing what underpins weight problems

We will pair up Energy Psychology techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT for short), with Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, sometimes some hypnosis techniques, Energy techniques, breathwork, meditation and visualisation to create the shifts in your energy and your subconscious; soothing the younger versions of you including your inner child, helping you to be conscious of your feelings, thoughts and behaviours; being connected to yourself and having love and compassion for the whole of you. 

To read testimonials from clients who have experienced this package, please click here


Part 1 - Working with your subconscious

To begin with we ensure that you and your subconscious feel safe to begin to work with the energy of the issue. Once you and your body are ready to explore; if not we connect and work with the parts of you that don't feel safe yet.  If we try to force a resolution without this connection, the release and healing will not stick; this is why it's important to do things in the right order connecting with the whole of you, listening to the whole of you.  

Some of the work we are likely to do together is to address the unmet needs of your younger self, this can be while you were in your mother's womb, your birth process (sometimes this can be traumatic) and any trauma all the way through to adult hood.  Often the key to unlocking life long patterns/feelings resides within the ages of 0-8 years. 


There may be trauma that  is in need of releasing; this can be so-called 'little t' or 'big T' trauma.  The 'little t' traumas are things such as your mum not giving you her attention when you needed it.  'Big T' are things such as abuse, car accidents, death of a parent or sibling. Obviously big T trauma happens at any age and this is why we follow the energy of the problem rather than what we think is the reason. 


Depending on what it is that you are struggling with we look to clear the energy that's holding the problem in place, then start to resources you with helpful feelings and offering alternative strategies for the subconscious to use in future. This means that what you automatically did/felt/thought in response starts to dissolve.  In it's place we will have set up a new way of thinking/being/feeling.  And this will be your 'new automatic'. 


We also look to aligning you with the way that you want to think/ be/ feel in the future, and if you cannot imagine what that might look like at this point, don't worry, you will. I'm sure that you have a sense of what it might be like to live without the problem; that's where we start as we begin to create a picture of what your 

What else do I check for?

Sometimes the issue presenting is caused, in part, by energies that are connected to things such as:

  • energy that is not your own (this can be parental energy or energy you've picked up along the way)

  • a pre-life contract

  • ancestral contracts

  • ancestral trauma 

  • past life connections

We will clear this so that you are ultimately left with energy that is only yours and so can be easily sourced and released. 

While we do this part, you will be seated in a chair, completely lucid.  Emotions will come up, and I will fully support you, as we work together as a team to stay present to them, so that you can truly acknowledge them, allow them to pass through; which they do if you don't fight it, and trust the process. 

Many of my clients yawn greatly through the first part of this therapy; this is because they are shifting energy rapidly and their body's are relaxing and letting go of the old tension as the emotional brain, sometimes called the Limbic system or reptilian brain feels safe to let go of the hyper vigilance.  It is quite normal to feel tired or even exhausted the first couple of times that we do this aspect together. 

Part 2  - Working energetically

Once we have created an intention for the Energy Healing aspect, you will lay on the massage couch, fully clothed, possibly with a blanket for comfort and perhaps having chosen a few crystals or not (always your preference), this is now the time that you relax and even nap if you need to. 


The Energy Healing part goes on without your input in any real conscious way.  It is a time for you to let go, to perhaps use breathing techniques to relax the body and mind even more deeply.  The first few times we do this you may find that you feel in real need of a sleep; that's ok.  You will be processing a lot from the work we did earlier in the session and need time to re-calibrate without the thinking brain getting too involved. Just allow yourself to be.  

You may notice me moving around the couch, you may hear the sound of Tibetan tingshas, or smell the aroma of one of my aura sprays; these all help me to clear energy and detect blockages, I also use symbols and clearing statements and call in Angels and Ascended Masters, all to help achieve the highest and best outcome for you at that time.  Many clients report that they felt hands / heat/ sensation where I wasn't; this is very common as the Reiki energy goes where it is needed and they may be feeling the healing of Angels or guides.

When we marry the Energy Psychologies with Energy Healing as a way of working clients and I notice a much faster progression.  On average clients usually transition through their difficult emotions, such as anxiety, and move to a place of happiness, ease and freedom with only 3-4 sessions.  This can be less if the client is in their teens or twenties.


The first 2 sessions are usually spaced about 1-2 weeks apart and then any future sessions are roughly every 4-6 weeks.  All of this depends on your progress and how comfortable you are in between sessions and is always decided between us.

Between sessions

I often give clients 'homework' to practice during the sessions; this helps you move more quickly towards what you do want; the new version of you, no longer being limited.  Your transition and transformation is absolutely down to your willingness to show up for yourself; I will do my best to support as you do this.  The homework maybe to practice an energy technique, do some tapping or connect with your inner child with love; all for your long term or short term benefit.

Why invest in yourself?  

Simply, because if you are here it means that you want help, you want to have a good life, you want to feel good about yourself and within yourself, you want to feel relaxed. You have likely struggled for years and have had enough. 

In the long run the financial price you pay to feel like your best self, will feel worth it and you will be glad that you decided to help yourself. It's an empowering thing to seek and take help, congratulate yourself.

Your journey is very personal and my aim is to enable you to clear your path of all that stands in the way of your best health and to walk forwards with confidence, vitality and self compassion, connected to the authentic you.

Before you book, you need to know: 

Venue: my home, see here or if you're not local, on zoom

Duration: 2 hours

Price: £111, with a recommendation of a minimum of 3 sessions.  

Please note that if financial concerns,  I do offer payment plans. It is important to me that you are able to concentrate on healing rather than worrying about the payments on top of everything else, and it is important to your healing journey too. 

Children 15-18 years old: session is £90

First visit: The first session will last 1 hour longer than the labelled time and cost £10 more.


Cancellation policy: There is a 24 hour cancellation notice requirement for all treatments, otherwise a minimum of 50% fee will be incurred.


How to pay:

In person sessions: payment can be made via Cash, Card or BACS. Receipts are given.
​Online sessions: payment must be made upon booking, appointment is not confirmed until payment is received.  Payments can be made via BACS- an invoice will be sent via email.  The appointment slot will only be held for 24 hrs following the invoice being sent. 


To book a call to discuss your needs or ask questions, please click here


"As a young adult, I was at first very nervous or sceptical to speak to someone about how my mental state was after struggling with simple day to day tasks which my brain couldn't process.  I was overthinking about silly things like what people thought of me or what they thought about how I looked and I felt that I wasn't good enough.  I then struggled to leave my house after some huge life changes over the past few years. I'd felt like this since being a teenager and it was getting worse, sometimes I didn't want to be here anymore. 


As soon as I met Claire I instantly felt her beautiful energy and straight away felt like I could trust her and speak to her about anything without feeling judged (which was my biggest fear).  Using techniques that I never would have thought about, she has helped me to truly feel happy and confident about myself again.  Before meeting Claire I didn't want to talk to anyone about my mental state, how low or anxious I felt, but now I feel really great about life.  I can't thank Claire enough for her positive outlook on life which has radiated onto me."

Dylan, Sudbury. 

" Claire is a fantastic healer; she has helped me move beyond life being a struggle and has guided me to be able to regain peace and ease.  Claire has a friendly, caring and non-judgemental approach to her practice which makes the process of healing very gentle and feel fully supportive. I highly recommend Claire Williams"

Lauren Baverstock

"Working with Claire has transformed my self-development journey! It’s amazing how she can clear the stuck energies underlying age-old patterns that I have struggled with for years. I so appreciate her grounded expertise, her intuitive insights and the way she supports me to detach from the painful stories and transform them with her energy techniques. It just shows how you don’t have to go through the pain, in order to create a new narrative."

A Landers

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