Meditation Circle; aided by Angels, Ascended Masters and other Light Beings
Do you feel disconnected in someway, perhaps from yourself or those around you?
Do you feel off-kilter and in need of a boost?
Do you love to meditate but struggle to set aside more than 5/10 minutes?
Meditation is a wonderful way to come back to yourself, calming your mind and your body, giving yourself time to be you without any other demands.
This circle is for those who love meditation or are interested in meditation and also have a spiritual focus. 
We gather together and if no specific theme has been set for the meditation, we will decide amongst ourselves what we wish to release and the vision for how we wish to feel at the end of the session. 
Each session is guided by Claire and aided by Angels, Ascended Masters and Light Beings, always for your highest good, whether you perceive them or not. 
Each month, with the aid of Light Beings we will move towards releasing what is weighing us down, making us feel less than and what ever is blocking us as we move forward. Once we have released, we bring in the good stuff, such as feelings of love, connection, empowerment, strength, vitality, happiness and self appreciation.
The meditations are run online via Zoom and on UK time, the link will be sent via email to you. 
This is a Pay from the Heart gathering.  This means that you literally pay what you feel you want to give.  There is a minimum donation of £5 which goes towards the cost of Zoom and advertising fees and any remaining serves as a gift for my time, focus and energy and is humbly received with great appreciation. 
How to book:
It's a two step process. 
1st: Donate using this button, that goes to my paypal  link.   
If you prefer to pay direct, please ask for details using the email link below.
2nd: email me here:  
This is to let me know you've booked and what your name is.  The email address will be used to send the zoom link to.  Please check your spam folder if you haven't received it by 6pm of the day before we gather for the meditation.  If it's not there, please let me know.  
Any questions, please use this email link: 
Here's the calendar for the rest of this year;
Fri Sept 11th at 9.15 - 10.45am       bookings close 12pm Thurs 10th Sept
Fri Oct 16th at 9.15 - 10.45am        bookings close 12pm Thurs 15th Oct
Fri Nov 6th at 9.15 - 10.45am          bookings close 12pm Thurs 5th Nov
Fri Dec 4th at 9.15 - 10.45am          bookings close 12pm Thurs 3rd Dec
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