The 'M' Technique®


Touch is vital for all humans, however those who are in most need are often over looked, often due to fear of hurting.  These individuals are  often the terminally ill, actively dying, fragile or critically ill.  This extremely gentle and deeply relaxing technique can be performed over clothing/blankets or direct on skin, with or without oils.  It also has the same effect on stressed individuals aswell as those just looking for some time out.


The ‘M’ technique® is a simple massage method devised by Dr Jane Buckle when she was working in intensive care and felt that the patients were missing out on the very important aspect of touch at a time when all help was needed to help them heal.  It is different from swedish massage in that each movement is prescribed and the sequence is done in a set pattern at a very low, set pressure and set speed, which doesn't change; so all practitioners should give the same treatment.  The movements and pressure gently stimulates the skin receptors which send signals to the brain and has been described as ‘physical hypnotherapy’.  I myself, found that the relaxation achieved in a 55 minute session was close to a meditation; blissful and almost off this plane!


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