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Hypnosis Plus for Food Issues

When we use hypnosis we are instructing the subconscious mind (the part of the mind that holds all of the programming for habits, thoughts, behaviours and ways of being) to release the parts of the problem that are being held in place and to replace them with supportive ways of being or strategies or thoughts. This allows us to reach our goals with ease; no will power necessary! 

Often, particularly when food gets in the way of our goals, the behaviour or pattern that we see as an issue, is rooted with a belief that this an unhelpful way of being, is actually a way to care and love ourselves. With hypnosis we unhook that belief and ask the mind to find other healthy ways to care for the self.

This approach is enough for those who are self aware, have good self care routines and recognise that there's nothing that they are covering up; it's just a 'bad habit'. 


If you have a sweet-tooth that you want to shift, then I have a specific 'break-through' session that we can use to address it. Please click here for that.  If however, you have issues with food and couple that with low self esteem then I recommend the Freedom from Emotional Eating programme, which will help you create a sense of self love and care as a foundation and then allow you to gently release how food has been used to soothe your emotions and unmet needs, this is due to be Spring 2023.

What to expect

When you come for hypnotherapy for food issues, we'll talk through your goals/aims and create some affirmations that we bring into the hypnosis work. Expect to be in hypnosis for approximately 1 hour, and I will also be using Energy Clearing techniques if guided.  the rest of the time will be talking over what you're looking for, any concerns, your aims and other important information. 

When you are being put in to a hypnotic state, you'll have a comfy lounger to lay back in, with a blanket if that feels reassuring and my voice will relax you down into hypnosis. 


Hypnosis tends to feel, for most people, very relaxing and yet at the same time, having a great awareness of the voice of the therapist.  The body feels heavy and the mind focused. It's like being absorbed in a great book or film; you're gripped but if an emergency occurred you'd be in full attention instantly. 

Within a few minutes of the end of the session you will be safe to drive. 


Normally 1 session is sufficient. If it isn't then the gap between sessions can be discussed between us. 

What if I've never had hypnosis before?

That's ok.  Going into a hypnotic state is like watching a really captivating film or being absorbed by a good book; it's a change of state, or awareness.  What  most people experience is that their body's become very relaxed, so much so that they can't be bothered to move.  While your body and your nervous system rest, your mind, particularly your subconscious mind listens intently.

Can you make me do something I don't want to do?

There are many stories about people doing things that they wouldn't normally do, such as behaving like a chicken on stage. I want to reassure you that this won't happen to you, with me.  Under hypnosis your the subconscious will pay very close attention to what I say, and it is making sure that any instructions or ideas that I may give you are in alignment with who you are and your core values.

I also want to reassure you, that I will not be putting any instructions in, that you are not in agreement with before the session starts. We are doing therapeutic work together, not stage hypnosis. 


If, for instance, you went along to a hypnotist show, hoping for a good time, and don't mind pretending to be a chicken in front of people; you think it's fun and you like to make people laugh, then you will go along with that instruction, being the best chicken you can be, enjoying peoples laughter and feeling confident as you do it.  But if that did not sit well with you, you know you'd feel humiliated or unsafe, then you wouldn't volunteer and your subconscious wouldn't take the instruction. 

When you feel safe and what the therapist is saying fits with who you want to be and is in alignment with your values, then the subconscious will flourish in its work with your mind, helping you be the best version of yourself.


Similarly, if I ask you to remember a time where you felt confidence and in control and to bring those feelings back to you, your subconscious knows exactly where to take you to access those feelings, allows them to flood into your emotional body and helps you feel confident and capable. 

Before you book, you need to know: 

Venue: my home, see here or if you're not local, on zoom

Duration: 2- 2.5 hours

Price: £130 per session. It is likely that more than one session will be needed.

Payment plans are available; I offer payment plans because it is important to me that you are able to concentrate on healing rather than worrying about the finances on top of everything else, and it is important to your healing journey too. 

First visit: The first session will last 1 hour longer than the labelled time and costs £10 more; this is for the consultation.


Cancellation policy: There is a 24 hour cancellation notice requirement for all treatments, otherwise a 50% fee will be incurred, unless you are unwell with Covid symptoms.


How to pay:

In person sessions: payment can be made via Cash, Card or BACS. Receipts are given.
​Online sessions: payment must be made upon booking, appointment is not confirmed until payment is received.  Payments can be made via BACS- an invoice will be sent via email.  The appointment slot will only be held for 24 hrs following the invoice being sent. 


To book a call to discuss your needs or ask questions, please click here.

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